Wltoys XKS 144001 RC Car 60km/h – Built For Speed

One of the exciting RC vehicles for the younger racers is made by Wltoys. This brand is well-known for younger racers and it is built for speed. It is the XKS 144001 RC vehicles with a speed at 60km/h. Wltoys XKS 144001 RC Car 60km/h – Built For Speed. It is considered one of the high speed racing RC cars. The speed of this RC allows it to go over most terrains, the only problem is it’s low center of gravity. This keeps it out of the crawler category, but what fun it is to drive around a local park, front and backyards, or over to a friends house down the street even if it’s a dirt road.

XKS All Terrain


Wltoys – Kid Brand Or Is It

Wltoys XKS 144001 RC Car 60km/h – Built For Speed

Wltoys has been around sine 2009. They developed RC’s for mostly younger racers. Their vehicles are durable at comparable prices to other brands. This is a good brand to start off with. Naturally they have grown over the years as the RC market for entertainment has expanded to all types and ages of RC enthusiast. The XKS 144001 is no exception. This RC car will become one of your favorites in your collection. It is definitely worth the investment to the RC enthusiast. It is a 4WD Buggy off-road design RTR that comes with speed.

XKS Speed

What Comes With The Wltoys XKS

Wltoys XKS 144001 RC Car 60km/h – Built For Speed

  • High-Speed Performance: Built-in super strong and powerful 20000RPM 550 brushed motor makes the electric energy converted into power maximum with a speed up to 60km/h.
  • Large Capacity Battery: Large capacity battery gives a longer working time to reach a perfect driving experience. Let’s enjoy longer times outside driving the wheels off this thing.
  • 2.4G Remote Control Frequency: 2.4GHz Radio System with anti-jamming capability allows us to race at the same time on the same track. The control distance is up to 100 meters.
  • Tough Metal Parts: It possesses a high-strength Aluminum alloy frame, all-metal chassis, Zinc alloy gears, metal shock absorbed to achieve strong stability and long service life. Takes the hits and keeps rolling.
  • Oil Pressure Shock Absorbed: The car adopts hardware oil pressure shock absorber’s with an independent suspension system, which provides stable dynamic performance, wear resistance, no noise, good durability, and excellent sealing performance and dust proof performance. Let’s go eat some dirt, gravel or even grass.

    Drive the wheels off

These items give the KXS the ability to drive faster and the sustainability and durability to take some hard hits you experience when driving in outdoor terrains. Watching this RC climb hills and kick up dust will keep you anticipating the weekend ahead for the exciting thrills that go along with RC racing. While you are waiting this is a good time for some preventive maintenance. It extends the life of the RC for many more hours of outdoor driving excitement.

Put It On The Track And Watch It Roll

Find a track for this RC and watch it speeds along kicking up the dust and debris. I like tracks with some decent length straightaways. What’s the point of a fast RC if you can only get it up to speeds of 8km/h before the next turn. Give me a track on 3-5 acres with some long straightaways. Why not pass the other drivers. Hopefully without flipping or rolling it. Just take it easy when you do get to a turn. Pass your dad on his riding mower. See you pops. H aha. Something you would probably get to enjoy once. I can see two or three Rcs side by side racing down the straightaways fighting for the inside edge before you have to slow down for the next turn just like in NASCAR. The experienced driver will probably try the old bump and run move to get around their opponent. Hopefully it will not turn into a three car pile up. Some people drive for fun some of us drive to win. There should be two separate races for each of these categories. Just saying. The good thing is at the end of the day all drivers get some fried chicken, salads or hot dogs and pizza. Everyone gets to celebrate.

Off Road


Let The Kids Go Outside

My parents always used to tell us, “Go outside and play”. Now with the XKS they won’t want to come back in, except to charge up the batteries. While they wait this would be a good time to eat a sandwich and some chips or something healthy like ice cream. Just kidding, kind of. LOL Now get back outside and go have some fun playing in the mud. What no mud, it didn’t rain last night, oh well get out the garden hose and spray down the track. The question goes through your head, should we ask first, maybe or maybe not. Does the risk out weigh the consequences. Ask yourself, then make the right decision.



The kids of all ages are outside enjoying some RC driving fun. What a great way to bring the family together to see the smiles and making some great family memories. This will be something you will talk about for the rest of your natural lives. Don’t forget the camera so you can download these moments onto your hard drive, cloud, CD or whatever type of space you have at your capacity. The XKS will definitely give you several days of long-lasting cherished memories.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and possibly if you have room to make a few tracks out of items you find or are simply lying around like leaves, old tires, the riding mower, cones, stick and other debris in your yard for an incredible racing track. Let the races begin.

Gone mudding

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