Front Loader for Kids – TR-113 5 Channel

This front loader will bring your kids several hours of exploring fun. When it comes to playing outside digging in the sand and dirt you want quality RC construction vehicles that will get the job done. Here is one that you will agree too. Front Loader for Kids – TR-113 5 Channel

Top Race TR-113 5 Channel Full Functional Front Loader, Electric RC Remote Control Construction Tractor with Lights & Sounds

Front Loader for Kids – TR-113 5 ChannelFront Loader for Kids - TR-113 5 Channel

If you’re looking for an RC construction vehicle that will give your kids hours of fun than this front loader will provide it. Its made of quality material that will stand the test of all the hard work your kids can give it. They will enjoy using their imagination while designing a real life construction site in their very own backyard. Your kids can also enjoy playing with friends working together to build the project that will require teamwork and communication skills. What a fun way to spend the day or weekend. Best friends coming over to spend the night building the best most amazing housing complex or whatever project they can think of. Break out the smores.


Description of the TR-113 5 Channel Full Functional Front Loader

Front Loader for Kids – TR-113 5 Channel

The Top Race 5 channel front loader tractor is made out of high  Front Loader for Kids - TR-113 5 Channel quality material and is detailed just like the real thing for indoor or outdoor use. It can be used in a sandbox for moving sand, dirt, small stones or whatever you can pick up. This RC tractor works on a different frequency than the TR-112 Dump Truck so you can play with both at the same time without interference. The RC Tractor will give your kids hours of playing fun.

Functions on the RC Loader goes forward, backward, left, right, arm up and down, lights and sounds. The RC Loader is Ready-To-Run (RTR) so no assembly is required. This RC loader works like the real thing and is controlled by the transmitter. You can actually shovel sand, dirt and small pebbles just like in real life. There is no charging hassle. This RC loader uses AA batteries x4 on the loader, and AA batteries x2 for the transmitter. These AA batteries are not included. You can easily pick them up online or from any local convenient store. This is a great toy for kids ages 3 and up and even the adults will enjoy playing alongside the younger foreman.

Top Race TR-112 Remote Control Construction Dump Truck Toy

When you purchase the TR-113 RC Loader you can also add the TR-112 RC Dump Truck. With these toys being on different frequencies you can operate them at the same time without interference. Your kids can learn to work together as one operates the Loader and dumps their load into the Dump truck, which is controlled by another kid. This will create necessary teamwork and communication skills.  TR-112 Remote Control Construction Dump Truck


Description of the TR-112 Remote Control Construction Dump Truck

This toy can be used along with the TR-113 RC front loader because of the different frequencies. Like the TR-113 RC front loader the TR-112 Dump Truck is also made in the 1:18 scale. It is also made from the same high quality material and is very detailed just like the real dump trucks you see on construction sites. This RC toy is also Ready-To-Run (RTR) so like the TR-113 there is no assembly required. It works with the wireless remote up to 100 feet in control distance. It also operates using AA batteries which are not included in the box. The designer of these RC toys recommends the battery brand Duracell as this brand will give you more playing time before needing to be replaced. This is naturally at your discretion as you choose which brand batteries you desire to use. You may also want to look into the possibility of rechargeable batteries as they will last much longer. Something to think about especially if you have several toys that require AA batteries. This RC vehicle also comes with lights and sounds, goes forward, backward, left, right, bed up and down. Recommended age is 3 and up. There is also another Top Race RC vehicle that can be used along with the mentioned vehicles above. It is the Top Race TR-111 Excavator. Something to possibly keep in mind for future purchases as you add to your kids construction vehicles.  TR-112 Remote Control Construction Dump Truck


Here are Some Comments From Other Customers

Beautiful rugged looking toy and the fact that its remote control makes it all the better. My grandson who will be six on March, is going to love this. My other grandson who is 12 was impressed with it as well. I got the dump truck as well, because it seems silly to have the digger and nothing for hauling away what you’ve dug up.

I like it because the dump bed works. And I got it for a very smart 4year old. He will love it.

My nephew loved this truck. He has played in dirt, mud, and snow. Very durable truck.

Wonderful toy, my grandson could not stop playing with it – he almost has the complete set – highly recommend this product.

“When you click on a link in this article, I may make a commission. This in no way affects the price of your purchase nor does it affect my review.”


I am sure your kids, along with some adults will enjoy playing with RC construction toys. These are toys we can all remember having while spending time outside with friends and siblings. I remember me and my brother pushing each other around the yard in our dump truck taking turns. The memories made from these times are forever and thinking back on them always brings a smile to my face. Times have changed, as we didn’t have remote control options when I was growing up like today but the concept is still the same. I always like to encourage families to take pictures and videos of these times so you can enjoy watching them even after the kids turn into adults. So get your cameras ready, clean the lens and charge the battery. Keeping those special family moments on camera downloaded to your computers for memories that will last a lifetime. What fun it is to watch them again and again as time seems to fly by and they grow to fast.

I hope you enjoy the future memories you are about to make. If you have found this article informative and helpful leave comments below.

Thank you and be safe


TRAXXAS HOSS – Extreme Monster Truck Fun

Another impressive build by Traxxas. For the RC enthusiast who loves to rip through any terrain mother nature has to offer then you will want this one in your arsenal. It’s the Traxxas Hoss built for extreme monster truck fun.

Traxxas 90076-4-GRN Hoss 4X4 VXL: 1/10 Scale Monster Truck

TRAXXAS HOSS – Extreme Monster Truck Fun

TRAXXAS HOSS - Extreme Monster Truck Fun
Click on Image

Why does Traxxas keep building some of the best RC 4×4 monster trucks. Because they know how to give us, the RC enthusiast what we want at an affordable hobbiest price. Traxxas keeps up with their name for innovation and listening to their customers request. Is it possible to drop this monster truck with a parachute from an airplane at 20 thousand feet into a field of trees and expect it to perform like an armored tank, no. Or how about we drop it into the ocean and drive it to the nearest shore, will it perform like an amphibious submarine, no. The cost would be to far out of our reach for such an RC vehicle. Key word here is hobbyist. RC vehicles for having fun and enjoying some outside activities with family and friends. Not designed for billionaires who want to travel to the moon.

TRAXXAS HOSS - Extreme Monster Truck Fun
Click on Image

Out the Box Product Description

TRAXXAS HOSS – Extreme Monster Truck Fun

The Traxxas Hoss 4X4 VXL comes as an RTR in a box. This is what comes from the factory without any modifications.

The newest Traxxas Hoss 4X4 VXL unleashes some extreme monster truck fun with speed and style that Traxxas is known to deliver. You will grab a fistful of throttle and the Velineon 540XL motor delivers massive torque for wheelies on command and can hold the front end high as long as you dare. Pitch the Hoss into a turn and slide through sideways in a cloud of dirt as all four tires dig in and drive hard no matter how rough the terrain. Traxxas stability management system will keep you in control to help avoid flipping over.

TRAXXAS HOSS - Extreme Monster Truck Fun
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Traxxas Hoss comes with a rugged, reinforced pickup body that covers proven performance technology, with Velineon brushless horsepower and heavy-duty shaft driven 4WC.

The Hoss delivers unmatched versatility as the aggressive Sledgehammer tires enable you to blast through dirt, sand, mud and snow. Thank you mother nature for providing some natural obstacles for us to enjoy.

Traxxas durability is engineered into every component so you can drive faster, harder and hang tougher.

The Traxxas Hoss also comes in two colors, Green and Orange.

How fast does the Traxxas Hoss go. Out of the box it can reach speeds of 40mph.

TRAXXAS HOSS - Extreme Monster Truck Fun
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Coming at Ya


Making Some Modifications

TRAXXAS HOSS – Extreme Monster Truck Fun

If your completely stoked with the performance of the Traxxas Hoss out of the box then Traxxas has designed another 4X4 monster truck that meets it’s customers desires. However, if you feel the need to add some extra strength and durability to your model then Traxxas has made these provisions possible. Here are a few to look at. Naturally these modifications depend on your driving style and budget. You can add these modifications before they bend or break or upgrade once the part does bend or break. Again this depends on your driving style. Me personally, I like to drive full throttle until the battery dies. In my case stronger and more durable parts become necessary.

For some RC enthusiast they can’t help but leave perfection alone or resist modifying every model they get their hands on. Thankfully Traxxas understands the way some of these enthusiasts think so they provide these upgrade parts for most of their vehicles. Which is the case for the Traxxas Hoss 4X4 VXL.

TRAXXAS HOSS - Extreme Monster Truck Fun
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Some of these upgrade parts are meant to increase durability, enhance suspension or steering performance while some are meant to amp up power to monstrous heights. Who wants more power, we all do. Well maybe not all of us.

Here is a list of upgrade parts you may be interested in.

P/N 2250 – High Torque 330 Blue Servo

P/N 3456 – Cooling Fan Kit (with shroud)

P/N 6781 – Housing Center Differential (aluminum)

P/N 3458 – Heat Sink

P/N 9052x – Driveshafts, Rear Steel-Spline Constant Velocity x2

P/N 9051x – Driveshafts Front Steel Spine Constant Velocity x2

P/N 6497 – 26-T Pinion Set Screw

P/N 3655t – Heavy Duty Suspension Arms

P/N 6832x – Caster Blocks (c-hubs), 6061-T6 Aluminum Blue Anodized, L&R

P/N 6845a – Drag Link Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Blue Anodized

P/N 1952x – Carriers Stub Axle Blue Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum Rear x2

P/N 3767a – Shock Caps Aluminum Blue Anodized x4

P/N 6739x – Shock Tower Front 7075-T6 Aluminum Blue Anodized

P/N 6738x – Shock Tower Rear 7075-T6 Aluminum Blue Anodized

P/N 1747r – Nuts Aluminum Flanged Serrated 4mm Blue Anodized x4

P/N 9095 – Hoss 4X4 LED Light Kit

P/N 6511 – Traxxas Link Wireless Module

P/N 5039 – Oil Differential 500k wt

Remember these upgrades all depend on your style of driving and your budget. Some of these upgrades will extend your driving life for this model so you can drive pretty much year around.

Here are a Few Reviews From Customers

One question that was asked. What’s the Traxxas Hoss top speed in mph? According to the manufacturer, this truck is capable of up to 60+ mph.

This thing is nearly indestructible. On 3s it’s a beast, will even outrun drag cars and still can take a 50 feet jump no problem…highly recommended… I know the price is a little high, but as the old saying goes”you get what you pay for”.

I consider this to be Traxxas version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The Trackhawk is an SUV with 707 horsepower which makes it extremely fast and terrifying to drive. The Hoss is similar it has a lot of torque and power. I leave it in training mode for when I want to have fun and put it in Sport/regular mode when I want to show it off. If you buy it you will have a lot of fun but if you are a beginner put it in training mode. It truly is a monster.

I love this truck. Great truck Traxxas is awesome. Just prepare to get a better servo immediately.

I like the Hoss, sure it’s a bigger supped up Rustler but that’s OK. I would suggest upgrading servo to metal gear and maybe the GTR shocks.

Good service. The website is easy to navigate and got the product a few days late. However, be ready to have to replace the servo after a few times using it.

Lots of power and easy to set up. Very satisfied with the price and value.

By far this is the VOLTRON of Traxxas trucks, stadium, short course, monster trucks combined into 1 monster truck. This truck is Monsterious for it’s size and speed. This trucks durability is excellent and is worth the investment.

Good truck, should have some basic upgrades at this price. It should ship with steel axles. I have snapped 2 in a week. I’ve also bent several other parts. The shock tower lost part of the bottom holder on the front. But I did take some hard landings. Its been a lot of fun but be ready to spend another $100 on upgrades out of the box to keep going. Update 2/9, just shy of a month of owning. Go to the Maxx or another brand unless you’re ready to spend the money to upgrade. Shocks, Drive splines, Axles, Hex nuts and shocks. I have driven the car 5-7 times in total, including 5-10 minutes in the back yard and at the office. I lost shock plates, drive axle snapped, hexes stripped. All with normal use. Wishing I went with the MAXX or another brand, very disappointed in all the down time. The vehicle cost for me is around $900 now including charger and batteries and replacement parts to keep it running.

“When you click on a link in this article, I may make a commission. This in no way affects the price of your purchase nor does it affect my review.”


As you can read about there are some customers who recommend a few upgrades. Some reasons for the upgrade depends on your driving style. At this stage in your RC driving life you will know your style and will be able to figure out which upgrades will meet your specific style. When we drive RC vehicles that are capable of speeds of 40mph and faster they are all going to bend and break. Your options are simply to drive slower or know that you will need to purchase some parts that are stronger and more durable as we drive at speeds faster than we can run.


R/C Police Car and Race Car – Toys for Kids

An RC toy for younger children. Your kids will love playing with these two toys for hours. They run on two separate frequencies so you can play with them both at the same time. It is a combo pack of R/C Police Car and Race Car. R/C Police Car and Race Car – Toys for Kids. The manufacture recommended age is 18 months and up.

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys for Kids

R/C Police Car and Race Car – Toys for Kids

R/C Police Car and Race Car - Toys for Kids
RC kids toy

This Pretex brand has two different RC vehicles included so your kids can play for hours with either both cars or one of there choosing. These toys will keep going until you run out of batteries. When you have kids and you purchase toys for them you will quickly learn that lots of (AA) and AAA batteries will be required. This dual RC set up will need a total of 10 AA batteries, which are not included. So before you give your kids the box make sure you have plenty of batteries on hand. Not a pretty site if your kids open the box and they have to push the RC cars around manually and make there own noises. Especially when they hit the buttons and nothing happens. Most will cry, some will give you that look, like really, what’s wrong with this picture.

The nice thing about this package is each toy does operate with different frequencies so both can race together. So your kids can play together or with a friend. Now that they have a police car and the race car your kids can use there imagination and make some tracks. You can use items around the house to help set up the track with curves, turns and maybe some bumps. This will help your kids learn how to maneuver there cars with the remote building on there hand and eye coordination skills.

I always like to have a camera handy to take pictures and videos for keeping those memories around for years to come. With technology today downloading these precious memories and being able to share with family members and friends is pretty simple.


Here are Some Specifics About This Item

R/C Police Car and Race Car – Toys for Kids

R/C Police Car and Race Car - Toys for Kids
Prextex RC Toys

The Pretex cartoon RC vehicles are a perfect introduction of RC toys for your kids. They have a realistic Police siren sound, Honking sounds, Music and flashing lights. This package includes two RC vehicles, 1 police car with a removable police man figure and 1 racing car with its race car driver figurine. They each come with a remote control. Vehicles also have different frequencies so the two vehicles can be played separately or at the same time. Each vehicle needs 3 AA batteries and each remote needs 2 AA batteries. Total batteries needed to operate both RC vehicles and remotes is 10 AA batteries. Naturally these batteries are not included. They can easily be picked up in most convienent stores.


Let’s Look at a Few Reviews

R/C Police Car and Race Car – Toys for Kids

Here is what some customers are saying concerning this Pretex RC combo toys for kids.

5 out of 5. Toys are fun and durable. These are wonderful and durable. My grand kids 2 and 3 play with them a lot. They love them and they withstand falls and crashes. Defiantly worth the money.

5 out of 5. Great fun. Bought for my 2 yr old grandson. Perfect because the wheels turn when the back switch is pushed so that the car returns to the one using the remote control. The car doesn’t shoot off and get lost. It returns to the user. He loves it.

5 out of 5. Fun even on carpet. Got this for 3 yr old grandsons’ birthday and he loved them as did the adults. The best thing about them is they run great on carpet.

4 out of 5. Easy to operate, needs 10 AA batteries. Bought this for my daughters 4th birthday. Easy for her to handle. Excellent range, she can operate the cars from around corners and over 20 feet away. Each car makes different noises and plays a non-annoying little song. The little drivers can come out of there cars. However, on the box it says each car has two drivers. This is not true. There are two drivers total. I think this is a misprint, not a false promise, though I don’t really care too much, hence the 4 stars, but just something to keep in mind. 2 drivers, 2 cars, 2 remote controls. Also, you’ll need 10 AA batteries to operate both cars and remotes (not included).

2 out of 5. Not great. I wouldn’t buy these again. You need to be within 2 meters of the car otherwise the remote stops working. The remote will also lose connection if anything gets between the remote and the car or if you aren’t pointing it directly at the car. The buttons on the remote only provide the option to go straight or backwards while turning, you cannot turn the car while it moves forward.

4 out of 5. Toddlers won’t get enough of this toy, its fun for adults with as well. There was nothing I did not love about this toy other than all the batteries it needs…each one takes AA batteries which you will have to buy separate. Other than that this is so cute and fun the toddlers will love it. I bought this for my nephews 3rd birthday and he absolutely loves it. Its easy to use and the more they play with it the more they understand how to control the cars movement as well.

5 out of 5. Great on multiple surfaces. This pack has 2 types of cars in it, one is a race car driver the other is a cop. They each make there own sounds that matches the car. The police makes a siren sound, while the race car makes a sound that revs the engine. Each car also includes 2 people for each car which is great because kids like to lose figures like that, or at least my kid does. When you put the figure in the car it also makes a noise. So there are buttons that make noise. On the top there is a button, on the hood is a button and when you install the figurine, these all make different noises.

On the remote there are two buttons one goes forward, straight and the other goes backwards but curves a little so its like a turn while going backwards. I love that both these toys work great on both carpet and tile. My daughters last remote control toy did not work on carpet so she could not use it because our whole house is mainly carpet, so this car is a win for us because of that. Overall, I really love this toy and it is what is expected for a young child who is learning how to control a remote control car.

Some Safety Concerns

Although the manufacture recommended age is 18 months and up you will want to be very cautious due to the possible choke hazards from the figurines that come with this toy. They are small and can fit into your toddlers mouth. So be very cautious of this. If you as a parent do not feel comfortable purchasing this RC toy for your toddler due to this reason then please do not buy.

Mfg Recommended age – 18 MONTHS AND UP.

The manufacture recommended age may be 18 months but the box clearly states 3 yrs old and up.

CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Some reviews I found did mention they purchased this item for there 2 yr old grand kids so it may be a toy that smaller kids can enjoy. I would just simply use a lot of caution and make the decision that best feels safe to you.

“When you click on a link in this article, I may make a commission. This in no way affects the price of your purchase nor does it affect my review.”


For the most part I would say that this is a very fun RC toy combination pack that your kids will enjoy. Because of the possible choke hazard due to the figurine I would recommend this item for your children ages 3 and up. Some people might go with the idea of removing the figurines but that would also eliminate some sounds. What kid wants that. Its like buying a car with a donut size spare tire.

I hope you have found this article informative. If so leave comments below.

Thank you


Robo Pet Unicorn – RC fun For Kids Three and Up

If you are looking for a toy that entertains and educates your children then take a look at the Robo Pet Unicorn – RC fun for kids three and up. Your kids will learn basic programming skills with a toy that is safe, easy and fun to play with. Let’s take a closer look.

Power Your Fun Robo Pets Unicorn Toy

Robo Pet Unicorn – RC fun For Kids Three and Up  Robo Pet Unicorn - RC fun For Kids

You can give your kids the ability to learn some basic programming skills as they start their journey into the computer world with this Robo pet Unicorn. It’s a remote control robot with interactive hand motion gestures and becomes a walking, dancing Robot toy.

Your kids will enjoy playing with this Robot toy for hours.



Robo Pet Unicorn – RC fun For Kids Three and Up

This electronic unicorn robot features adorable eyes, magical unicorn sounds, and is the perfect companion for kids ages 3 and up.  Robo Pet Unicorn - RC fun For Kids

What comes with this Robot toy: Adorable remote control unicorn toy robot. These magical unicorn pets love to play! This RC unicorn toy neighs, sits, prances, dances to the beat, performs tricks, and more. Interactive unicorn play modes- Guide this walking unicorn with simple hand motions in Gesture Mode or the unicorn toy navigates a room all on its own in Adventure Mode. Robotic STEM Toys- Learn basic programming skills! Feed your robot unicorn toy with different program treats to create a sequence of moves while its LED eyes light up. TOY SPECS: Remote controller requires (2) AAA batteries; robotic pet is powered by (1) 3.7V rechargeable battery; includes USB charging cable, toy comb and plays for 40 minutes with every 1.5 hours charge. Fun you can count on- Play interactive unicorn games with this robot pet unicorn! We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not completely entertained by these unicorn robot toys for kids age 3 and up.

Contents Inside the Box: Robo Pet Unicorn, Remote Transmitter (Batteries Not Included), 6 Program Treat Keys, Treat Dish, Mini Toy Comb, USB Charging Cable, Battery Time: 40 Minutes, Charging Time: 1.5 Hours, Remember for safety reasons(DO NOT charge your robot unicorn pet overnight), Please allow your RC toy to rest 10 minutes before charging/playing.


Watch your toy unicorn’s LED eyes light up for different play modes when the eyes are in these three different colors.  Robo Pet Unicorn - RC fun For Kids

Blue Eyes = In Remote/Gesture Mode, your robot unicorn toy follows remote control commands and simple hand-gestures.

Red Eyes = In Adventure Mode, your smart unicorn pet will avoid obstacles and navigate a room all on its own!

Purple Eyes = In Treat Mode, your interactive unicorn pet can be programmed to perform a sequence of moves.

Let’s Take a Look at Some Reviws

More fun than an R/C dinosaur. The Robo Pet Unicorn is cute and works great. It walks all directions, dances, and stands on it’s back legs. The Robo Pet Unicorn comes with ‘treats’ that program it, but the Robo Pet Unicorn arrived fully programmed. I’m excited for my 4 yo g-daughter to get it.

Great Toy! This is a VERY FUN toy that not only did my 3 year old daughter ENJOY…her sisters that are 21 and 19 years old LOVED and ENJOYED it too!!! I am very impressed with this toy and I would definitely recommend it!


5.0 out of 5 stars It’s worth the money and A great company that cares about their customers. It never worked from the first day I tried it but since it was a gift for Christmas for my daughter we weren’t able to return it what a waste of money. My daughter was so upset.

So I want to give an update: this company did reach out to me and sent a replacement and my daughter could not of been happier. This one did work I think it is super neat but my only concern was that it was not meant for a 5-year old I think it was too complicated for her to figure out and it frustrated her. So I would recommend getting it for an older child. Now my 8 year old had a lot of fun with it for a little while. It’s a fun toy and for the price it’s not a bad buy if you have kids that have patience then your great to go. I surely do appreciate them contacting me and offering a replacement so for that and the toy is fun I changed my stars to 5 stars. It’s worth the money and it’s fun to play with and a great company behind their product is amazing to me.

5.0 out of 5 stars Updated: Best gift idea EVER UPDATE: The seller quickly contacted me to address my issues with this Robo Fun Unicorn. Let me tell you, this seller is passionate about their customer service and appreciate every idea! They sent a brand new unicorn out to me not even a week after my original review which stated the issues I was having with the remote. While the remote itself could be better, the new unicorn and remote they sent me controls both the old unicorn and the new one! (At the same time, in case anyone with two girls was wondering about purchasing two; I am unsure if there’s a way to change the frequency at which the remotes work to be controlled separately.) Either way, this toy is AMAZING and SO MUCH FUN. PLUS ITS SO AFFORDABLE! Your child (or any child) will love this as a gift, no matter their age. I am so glad there are sellers on Amazon that actually stand behind their products, regardless of when a review is posted or when a problem presents itself. I’ve had pretty bad luck with other purchases on here, luckily this seller made my daughter and I completely satisfied. ????❤

“When you click on a link in this article, I may make a commission. This in no way affects the price of your purchase nor does it affect my review.”


The good thing with RC toys today there are several to choose from. This brand STEM is really about providing your kids with not just a fun toy but one that will also help them develop some programming skills at an early stage. STEM also stands by their product and takes care of their customers as you have read in the reviews above. So enjoy the memories your kids will make while playing and having a lot of fun in the Robot world.

I hope you found this article informative. Leave comments below.

Thank you


TRAXXAS RC Car Review 2021- An RC Vehicle to Promote Family Fun

TRAXXAS RC Car Review – An RC Vehicle to Promote Family Fun

Product: Traxxas

Price: $90.00 to $1500.00

The Best Place To Buy:

Guarantee: Yes

My Rating: 9 of 10

Traxxas RC Car Overview

The Traxxas brand first came out in 1986. They came out with what’s known as an RTR RC Car. RTR stands for Ready to Run. Everything you need comes in the box. Just remove from the box and charge the battery and then it’s outside you go for immediate fun and memories. Be careful though, this is where the addiction begins.

Starting in 1987, Traxxas began selling electric powered truck and buggy style models. They continued to grow and innovate by adding its first radio-controlled boat in 1989. Then in 1992 they introduced their first RTR nitro model car, the Nitro Hawk followed by an RTR nitro boat, the Nitro Vee a few years later.

Some Information about the TRAXXAS Brand and Its History

Traxxas, one of the fastest name’s in radio control is becoming the number-one selling name in Ready-To-Race nitro and electric radio-controlled (RC) vehicles. Traxxas is dedicated to innovative thinking and fun designs that make it easy for anyone to get started in radio control. Traxxas products, since its beginning has expanded to include trucks, cars, speedboats, and quad copters as well as a full line of accessories for a completely personalized experience. Traxxas is defiantly one brand that plans on being around for many more generations to come. For me this is good news as I hope to continue to enjoy making more memories with my future grand-kids. With longevity, I should be able to find replacement parts for model’s that were made and purchased currently and in years to come. Will most likely be able to find spare parts from researching through social media sites such as Facebook.

Traxxas has been engineering and building some world’s fastest and most innovative Ready-To-Race radio-controlled performance machines since 1986. Traxxas models are fully assembled with powerful, feature-rich radio systems and are Ready-To-Drive in just minutes, including the 100mph Traxxas XO-1 super car. Traxxas performance, durability, and world-class customer support all come together to deliver an award-winning radio-controlled experience that’s designed to last for years of fun. As the Traxxas brand continues to grow so will its ability to provide customers excellent service with its resources through the internet in whatever countries they are being sold.

Traxxas Firsts with Innovations

FIRST Fuel Burning Ready-to-Run RC, Ready-to-Run RC, Driver-actuated Forward/Reverse Transmission, Remote-operated Locking Differentials, High/Low Transmission, Auto-shifting 2-Speed Transmission, Waterproof Electronics, 2.4GHz Transmitter with Apple iOS interface, 100mph RTR Vehicle, Self-Righting Monster Trucks.


Different Aspects of the Item and it’s Benefits.

I am going to be speaking mainly on the RC Cars. There are two basic styles, the Buggy and On-Road cars. The Buggy are mostly for driving off-road tracks through grass, dirt, mud and snow. The On-Road cars are mostly for driving on smooth flat tracks such as asphalt, skate parks and level dirt tracks.

One of the Buggy brands is the Bandit. These RC Cars go from speeds 35mph up to 70mph. They are sold as box sets or you can purchase extra parts and accessories to make it more personalized or age appropriate and what fits into your budget.

The RC On-Road cars have several more choices. You can spend between $120.00 & up to $800.00 depending on your budget and need for high speed fun. These vehicles run with speeds between 30mph and up to 100mph.

What are some Pros and Cons of this Brand.

Pros: Lots of outdoor fun driving on all kinds of tracks. Some of those memories will come at a higher expense but not like buying a new Bass boat. No insurance required or licenses or fees.

Seeing your children s face light up with a big smile as they first take off driving through the dirt with their new toy.

Cons: I have read some reviews from customers and most complaints seem to be with not so great customer service. If Traxxas would spend more time taking care of their customers concerns it would greatly improve their sales and reputation. Replace the malfunctioning parts that break on newly purchased RC’s and if it is a major complaint look into replacing the MFG you utilize for making your parts. As with all toys made there will be broken parts especially when driven at high speeds with an item that is so light.

Some Useful Items Provided by Traxxas

Here is a list of some ways that Traxxas is providing answers to your questions concerning the products we buy from them.

Get help now – 888-TRAXXAS, or , Locating your owners manual, Parts finder, Popular solutions-Finding solutions through customer support team and answers to FAQ’s, Support by product-find views, parts list & instruction sheets, Register your model-ability to register your RC vehicle online, Support videos-learn common maintenance task.

Maintenance and Care for the Item.

Cleaning your Traxxas RC’s is fairly simple. The only real cleaning required is to hose off the mud and debris and use an air compressor to blow off excess water and small debris. You can use a blow-dryer to complete the drying process of your RC car. In some places as you travel the Hotel you stay in will provide a blow-dryer for completing the drying process free of charge. One less item to be placed on the packing list before your trip. I have also read that the use of WD-40 is common to use for re-greasing your high spinning components.

The maintenance on your RC cars are more time-consuming. As parts break, bend or fall off while driving in mother nature provided terrain you will be spending time and funds replacing parts. Some maintenance can be postponed by simply cleaning and inspecting your RC cars after each use. Once you drive your specific RC car for a while you will learn what parts break down the most so you can keep these spare parts on hand as needed. Shorten the breakdown time so you can spend more time driving. You can also find helpful advice on maintenance forums and how to maintenance videos.

“This link may lead to a commission. This in no way affects the price of your purchase nor does it affect my review.”


Traxxas is a brand that plans on being around for many years to come as they have distinguished themselves as one of the top RC leaders in the industry. I am also thankful for the other brands that are available as it gives us, the customers with more options. This also creates competition which will help keep cost down and make this sport affordable for all levels of experience and budget limits.

All in all I would have to say that driving RC cars and trucks are a real fun way of spending time with family and creating some fairly inexpensive memories. All you need is the RC car that fits your needs and a fully charged battery, or two, and go outside and let the fun begin.

I hope you have found this review informative. Leave comments below.

Thank you and be safe.





Best RC Car Brands – What to Purchase on Your Budget

When you get started with your interest in RC cars you may feel a little overwhelmed with the choices you have available and what fits your budget.

Let me start by saying no matter what brand or style you may start off with you will be making memories of a lifetime.

Best RC Car Brands – What to Purchase on Your Budget

So how do you know which RC car brands fit your budget and experience level. I am going to do my best to break it down for you. If you have questions or comments please leave them at the bottom of this article.

What are some Best RC Car Brands

Best RC Car Brands – What to Purchase on Your Budget

Traxxas-This brand sells RC Cars, Trucks, Helicopters and Boats. This brand is more reliably built which comes with a higher cost. They also sell replacement parts.

Best RC Car Brands
Traxxas Max

ARRMA – This brand is known for its durability and larger sizing of most remote control cars in its fleet. Perfect for those of you that enjoy taking them out and driving them hard.

They’re also great with surfaces beyond a flat parking lot, so you can take them almost anywhere. You’ll be able to drive them on any terrain.

Best RC Car Brands
ARRMA Typhone
Best RC Car Brands
Losi Fox

Losi-This brand sells RC Cars and Trucks, or Rock Crawlers. This brand is also durable and has a higher cost.

WL TOYS – This brand has several choices for younger RC

WL Toys

enthusiast getting started. I have always liked this brand as they offer a nice varity of RC vehicles at the lower end price. They not only have RC cars but also boats, helicoptors and drones.

HB Racing– Full transparency, this brand may not be suitable for those of you looking to begin your remote control hobbies.

HB Racing RC cars are focused on one thing: winning championships. Because of that, they leave the hobbyist in charge of all customization and everything that goes into the RC car.

HB Racing D8T

If you enjoy building things from the ground up, then give yourself the challenge of building a championship-worthy remote control car that’s unique to you.

Hosim – Hosim has a nice variety in sizes and prices that will meet your RC experiences for all levels.


Axial – Maybe you’re in the market for a big rig that’s ready to tear up the open roads and destroy anything that stands in its way. If so, Axial rigs are made with you in mind.

Axial Bomber

They are industry leaders in plastic tube chassis mods and some of their models come with a receiver box that’s completely waterproof. No need to worry about potholes or puddles.

Axial turns their remote control trucks into shock-absorbing machines thanks to features such as aluminum shocks, sway bar mounts, and link points.

Kyosho – As one of the biggest brands in the RC car game from overseas, Kyosho never fails to disappoint with its high-quality cars and parts.


If you’re getting into the remote control car scene for racing, investing in a Kyosho means that you are getting to use one of the fastest cars out there. They release high-quality race kits that you know you can trust.

Kyosho has been in business for over 40 years. They’ve taken what they’ve learned and placed it into the innovative car parts they constantly push out for their clientele.

HPI Racing – HPI Racing has long been applauded in the remote control car community for its durability and awesome designs.

They make remote control cars that look so real, you feel as if you can hop inside of it. If you’re looking for RC cars that are replicas of the real thing then HPI is your brand.

HPI Bullet

Not only do these trucks last a long time and look sick, but they’re also ready to take to terrains other than a street surface. Because they’ve been around since the ’80s, this is a brand that’s stood the test of time and made improvements along the way.

Nitro– In general, nitro RC cars are ideal for intermediate and advanced users who love to overhaul and tweak their vehicle. It requires the use of fuel and some oil combination for the engine. You can find quite the selection in brands who offer a Nitro style motor.

One type of recommended mixture for your Nitro engine is TORCO RC 30 Percent Nitro fo RC Car and Truck. Here is the opinion from a couple of customers. Torco is good stuff, it smells like dryer sheets when burnt! The is a great high performance blend for RC cars. I run everything on it. Has fairy high oil content = long engine life.

Last gallon of 30% was no different from VP. Didn’t even have to re tune! Great fuel can’t wait till I get my next gallon. Thanks torco!

RC Cars and Trucks for age appropriate Use

Best RC Car Brands – What to Purchase on Your Budget

All the data available these days via the internet you might become overwhelmed. I personally like the data because it gives me the resources to make educated decisions when choosing the right RC Car or Truck for my son. It has been a work of love knowing he has a big smile on his face when he opens up a new package that has been delivered or as he is there in the decision-making process. He will get to pick one toy within a certain price range. He only gets to pick one. We have done this on several occasions not just his birthday. He gets rewarded when he does well in school and shows responsibility for doing his homework or taking care of his toys and cleaning his room.

Naturally this process can be used and enjoyed for your entire family.

As Your Skills Progress

As you develop your skills you will start to purchase more advanced RC cars and trucks. You will move up in categories of more expensive RC’s that go faster and are able to withstand more stunts.

This is when it gets even more fun as the adults begin to drive your RC cars and trucks on outdoor tracks. Watching the dust fly as you compete around a special made track, whether its indoors or outdoors. You will learn to Handel the turns and jumps with confidence


Sharing your stories with Family and Friends

Now that you have improved upon your skills why not share these moments with Family and Friends.

Sending videos from your phone, downloading them on your computer and uploading them onto social media such as you tube or Facebook. Letting your friends in on the action and challenging them to races on outdoor tracks or just simply driving for fun.

“When you click on a link in this article, I may make a commission. This in no way affects the price of your purchase nor does it affect my review.”


Driving RC Cars and Trucks is a very enjoyable time spent with friends and family members. Doing the research and purchasing them is one way to enjoy lots of hours spent making memories.

There is a type of RC car or truck that is available for all experience levels and budgets.

Enjoy tearing up the tracks while working on your skills.

If you have found this article helpful leave a comment below.

Thank you



RC Excavator Toy – Kids Having Fun

Here is another RC toy that is designed for your kids to have lots of fun. They will not only have big smiles on their faces but will also be learning some cool skills. Let’s take a look at one of many RC Excavator’s.

DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator Toy  RC Excavator Toy - Kids Having Fun

The brand Double E is one of the top brands in the RC toy industry. They take safety and your kids health and happiness into consideration when developing their toy’s. They meet the ASTM 963 & CE EN71 standards for international safety requirements. This RC Excavator toy will bring your kids loads of fun.

Remote control excavator toy comes with 2 rechargeable batteries to extend playing time. Who, wants their construction time cut short by dead batteries. Once the play time cycle for one battery comes to its end, replace it with the second fully charged battery and then place the first battery back on charge. This allows extended play time until its time to go to bed or grab lunch. Those hard-working construction workers need to eat and some rest.

Having friends over makes play time even more exciting. Now you can spend some time with your friends playing outside using everyone’s imagination while building your own construction site. You can use material around the house and yard to add to your site. Design a road that needs to be built, clearing an area so you can build your own playground area. Build a small town around a river that you made with walkways near the river and some shops that sell ice cream. You can get very creative while moving sand, dirt, debris and building your own neighborhood, city or town. Don’t forget to add your friends house next door.

Having several types of construction RC toys will enable your kids to use their imagination to the fullest extent possible. Making their own designs while building some motor skills, hand to eye coordination and learning to play and communicate with other friends.  RC Excavator Toy - Kids Having Fun


About This Item

Here is a small list of what comes with this RC Excavator and what you can expect from it as a parent.

It’s the 2021 Upgraded Version — This remote control excavator has been improved in 2021: clearance and length of the gear have been modified, making it move more stable. Package size was cut by 1/3 and more suitable for gift. High quality material for longer play time. Popular for birthday and Christmas gifts or any special occasion.

8 Channel Full Function — This excavator toy can go forward/backward, turn left/right. It really digs and moves loose sand, rotates in sit u and cab turns 350-degree (175-degree each direction). Two rechargeable batteries — RC excavator comes with two 3.6V, 800 mAh batteries, providing double playing time and more pleasure. All battery passed MSDS test and ensure safety. There is Automatic Power-off Protection. It will automatically disconnect the power to protect the battery.

2.4Ghz Superior Control Experience — 2.4 GHz frequency will not confuse with other RC toys. Kids can play multiple RC vehicles together. Perfect work with DOUBLE E dump truck, bulldozer and cement mixer truck. Excellent for role-playing games and perfect for sandpits.

Exceptional High Quality — Authentic designs with approximately 1:26 ratio to actual remote control truck: shovel, hydraulic arm, realistic cab and tracks, etc. This toy meets standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM 963), European Committee for Standardization (CE EN71), and other international safety requirements.

This excavator toy not only shows the basic working theory, but also promotes child’s hand-eye coordination ability and motor skills during playing.

Concern for Kids Safety — DOUBLE E focuses strongly on innovation and superior quality. All products are made of premium material and compliant with standards set by CE, ROHS, RED, FCC, ASTEM-963, CPSIA and other international safety requirements. We are always concerned for kids health and happiness.  RC Excavator Toy - Kids Having Fun

Package includes

  • 1 x Excavator
  • 1 x Controller (2 AA batteries not included))
  • 2 x 3.6V 800mAh rechargeable battery
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x Screwdriver

Manufacturer recommended age 6 and up. Yes this includes parents and grandparents.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

One of the cool things about this RC toy is that your kids can play with it inside as well as outside. So when the weather is not permitting you to play outside you can simply bring the fun inside. Once you clean the dirt and debris off first.

With the track design this RC will travel over carpet or tile with no problem. You can even pile up some lifelike debris on the floor and drive right through it. Allowing your kids to use their imagination while working on a simulated construction work site. Me and my son spent hours driving over Lego pieces and scooping up other items used for debris and dumping them into another RC toy dump truck.

While playing outside mother nature can provide some pretty interesting objects for developing your work site. Every city needs a river nearby so you can take the family out for a picnic. You can use sticks, leaves, bricks, sand and tons of dirt that will need to be moved. When you dig up some worms give them to your Dad so he can use them on his next fishing trip. They will make excellent bartering material for if you accidentally dug in the wrong area, like maybe the garden. Which come to think of it is a great place for some soft soil/dirt. Don’t eat the worms though kids their nasty. For some reason the fish like them though. Is it time to break for lunch yet. Who is hungry for a worm sandwich. Blaahhh, gag a maggot. Get back to your construction site.


There is a Newer Model of This Item:

You will find the only real significant difference with this newer model is the color choice and it comes with sound. At least your kids will have a couple options for the same excellent choice in RC Excavator’s.

DOUBLE E RC Excavator Toy 2 Rechargeable Batteries Hydraulic Remote Control Construction Trucks Boy Toys with Working Sounds for Boys Girls Kids

Double E RC excavator toy with working sounds.  RC Excavator Toy - Kids Having Fun

“When you click on a link in this article, I may make a commission. This in no way affects the price of your purchase nor does it affect my review.”


Having several RC construction toys around, which means more batteries, will give your kids plenty of indoor and outdoor creative time. Your kids will get to spend lots of time playing with friends making all kinds of cool things while using their imagination. The only reason I can think of that they would get bored is because all the batteries died. We know that’s not going to happen because parents though about this solution was before the giant build of a new town in their backyard and new the kids would need more power to continue working on the project. Parents always have the fortitude to think ahead and be prepared for such occasions as this. No worries kids mom and dad got this. Poof packs of batteries appear.

I hope you found this article informative. Let me know your thoughts below by leaving a comment.

Thank you



DJI FPV Drone – Immersive Flight

Something new for the drone enthusiast. The DJI FPV Drone – Immersive Flight. This small drone will get you in locations otherwise not possible. Naturally the brand DJI lives up to its name and reputation as they continue to build drones for all professions and RC hobbyist. Let’s take a closer look.


DJI FPV Drone – Immersive Flight  DJI FPV Drone - Immersive Flight

What exactly does this drone have to offer that is different.

Updated new technology with clear photo and videology capability. As DJI continues to improve on its models for all aspects of the reason why drones are becoming so much more useful for all imaginable reasons. This one gives you the ability to view your location through a lifelike image using the DJI FPV Goggle which gives you the Immersive Flight real time look. You can see very clearly what your drone is flying towards so you can get the perfect shot or video. With the range and speed of this drone you are pretty limitless to what areas you will want to capture. While on vacation, working or for wide open spaces that go beyond where the naked eye can see. This drone will get you there.


About this Item

DJI FPV Drone – Immersive Flight

I am sure at first you are wondering, what does FPV mean on a drone. FPV is, first-person view flying. FPV has revolutionized the radio control hobby. By definition, it is a method used to control an unmanned aerial vehicle, (UAV), or radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilots perspective.

DJI FPV Drone - Immersive Flight

This drone comes with the Immersive Flight Experience so you can feel the thrill of immersive flight provided by the FPV Goggles V2 and the DJI FPV’s super-wide150° FOV, giving you an ultra smooth, real time view of your flight.

The DJI FPV aircraft can record 4K/60fps video at up to 120 M bps, capturing crisp details that make’s your footage look as exhilarating as the flight itself.

It comes with a brand new S-mode. Get the dynamic look of FPV footage easily in the S mode. This hybrid flight mode combines the freedom of flying manually with the simplified controls of previously made DJI drones.

There are some advanced safety features included with this model. An auxiliary bottom light, RTH smart return home, low battery RTH, and forward and downward obstacle sensing are all integrated into the DJI FPV to help ensure a safe flight, even at high speeds. The speed on this drone is capable of flying at 87.24 mph. It also comes with the emergency brake and hover button.

What is the maximum transmission range of DJI FPV: DJI FPV comes with DJI O3 (OcuSync 3.0), DJI’s best transmission system yet. DJI O3 was adapted to match the unique needs of DJI FPV, and features crystal-clear real-time video transmission at distances of up to 10km or 6.2 miles

DJI FPV Drone - Immersive Flight
Immersive Flight


What’s the Difference Between DJI FPV and Traditional Drones?

DJI FPV Drone – Immersive Flight

Generally speaking, FPV drones differ from traditional drones in tow major ways. One is the immersive flight experience you get that is provided by the goggles. The second major difference is the actual flight itself. Compared to most camera drones, FPV drones typically allow for higher speeds and limitless maneuvering capabilities with no angle limits on any of the axes. Because of this, FPV drones typically require a much higher level of skill to fly. Which is why DJI added the new S-mode for this model. It allows less experienced drivers to still be able to fly an FPV and develop their skill level so they can in time fly an FPV at an expert level.

What is the difference between DJI FPV and traditional racing drones?

DJI FPV has a built-in imaging system, high-definition, low-latency transmission with a range of up to 10km, and a battery life of approximately 20 minutes. The integrated, ready-to-fly design means users do not need to assemble the drone or make any type of upgrades to improve the speed. DJI FPV is also equipped with advanced safety features such as emergency brake hovering, return to home intelligence, and DJI Care refresh for added flight protection which can give you some peace of mind for avoidable accidents. Why would you need any of these option for a drone that you would want to build and design for winning a race.

Racing drones can reach speeds of up to 120mph. Skilled racing drone pilots fly quad-copter drones through three-dimensional courses. DRL, (drone racing league), drones are custom-built for speed, agility, and performance. With a ready-to fly drone there isn’t the ability to make changes to the design and personalize it, giving it some of your own character.

The DJI FPV comes with the option of a Combo purchase. The question is it worth it?

The DJI FPV combo comes with everything you need to start flying. It includes the FPV drone, Goggles V2, Remote controller, Intelligent flight battery, Googles battery, AC power adapter, FPV propellers, and other related cables and accessories. Its packaged for anyone interested in diving into the world of FPV flight. If you were to purchase these items individually from DJI it would cost you approximately $588.00 more to do so. In my opinion yes it is worth getting the combo package.

There are more accessory option for this model as discussed in more detail below.


Intuitive Flight Modes & Other Features

DJI FPV Drone – Immersive Flight

Three Intuitive Flight Modes


Get the dynamic look of FPV footage easily in S mode. This hybrid flight mode combines the freedom of flying manually with simplified controls of previous DJI drones.

N Mode

Ideal for new users, N mode offers immersive flight with traditional drone flight controls along with DJI safety features like obstacle sensing.

M Mode

Fly in M mode for complete, limitless control and full FPV flight experience. Customize parameters and enjoy flight and footage unlike anything else. Definatly expert mode, which is attainable as you continue to practice in the other modes.

Other Features

RockSteady Stabilization: No matter how dynamic your maneuvers get, RockSteady EIS technology ensures your footage is ultra-smooth.

An Optimized Experience: DJI FPV gives users an additional layer of safety with the built-in automatic dependent surveillance-Braodcast (ADS-B). This system receives flight location information of manned aircraft in your area and will send warning on the Googles V2, providing enough time to avoid any manned aircraft nearby.

Easily Replaceable Parts: The gimbal camera, landing gear, and top shell of the DJI FPV aircraft are all modular and easily replaceable, making repairs more convenient.

Bring Someone Along with Audiance Mode: DJI FPV supports audience mode. Just set other DJI FPV Googles V2 units to your aircraft channel and you’re ready to share the view from above.

The DJI Virtual Flight App: This app allows users to practice flying in lifelike, simulated scenarios before entering the real world flying experience. Simply connect the DJI FPV Goggles V2 and remote controller, and you’re ready to master flight in a risk-free virtual environment.

Accessories You May Want to Purchase

DJI FPV Drone – Immersive Flight

DJI Motion Controller

What is the Motion Controller? Is it worth it?  DJI Motion Controller

The DJI Motion Controller is a small, hand-held device that revolutionizes the aerial experience. This compact device allows the aircraft to maneuver based on your natural hand motions, delivering an ultra-intuitive experience and allowing even beginners to maneuver like seasoned FPV pilots. This simple device can be used with one hand. As the direction motion of your hand moves so does the direction of the drone.

SanDisk Extreme microSD Card 128GB for $30.00, or the 64GB at $19.00.

DJI FPV Fly More Kit: The DJI FPV Fly More Kit contains two DJI FPV Intelligent Flight Batteries and a DJI FPV Battery Charging Hub for extended flight time. The cost is $299.00. One flight battery purchased individually cost $159.00/EA and one charging hub cost $49.00/EA..00/EA. When you purchase the kit you will save $68.00.

Does DJI FPV come with accidental damage coverage: DJI FPV comes with a standard product warranty. If you would like to protect DJI FPV against accidental damage, you can purchase DJI Care Refresh to get a comprehensive service plan that provides replacement units. DJI Care Refresh 1-Year Plan provides two replacement units for a small additional charge in one year. DJI Care Refresh 2-Year Plan offers you three replacements in two years. Both of them can be purchased while purchasing DJI FPV.


When you purchase any DJI items through their website you will have the option to pay in full or monthly installments for 12 months. This at least gives you option for what you want to purchase and possibly look into at a future date as you pay off any previous purchases. This gives you some leveraging ability depending on your budget.

Although the DJI FPV is a new drone the DJI brand continues to grow and design some most exciting camera drones on the market. Their desire to build and design camera drones that give clear videos with some serious range and safety parts at an affordable price to the drone hobbyist. I believe DJI will be a very competent camera drone brand that will be in the market for many years to come.


RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started

As you venture into the world of remote control vehicles you will find a lot of different types being offered as RTR. These will be RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started. RTR simply means that the RC vehicle comes ready to run out the box. All you will need to do is charge the battery. Everything you need to drive the RC is in the box. There is no need to purchase anything else. Let’s take a look at some RTR’s that are offered today for beginners as well as the more experienced.

Types of RTR’s

RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started

Here are a few of the different types of RTR’s. Ready To Run.

Ones you can find for around $100.00 or less.

1/10 Granite Voltage 2/WD Brushed Mega Monster Truck, 1/32 NanoSport 2/WD On Road, 1/24 Enduro24 Sendero Trail Truck, 1/28 TR28 2/WD Brushed Truggy, 1/28 SC28 2/WD SCT Brushed, 1/18 Torment 4/WD Short Course Truck, 1/18 RucKus 4/WD Monster Truck and the 1/18 Volcano V2 4/WD Monster Truck Brushed.

RC Cars RTR Ready To Run - Getting Started
RTR Granite Voltage

Here are a few of the more expensive models but are still RTR’s.

1/10 22S 2/WD SCT Brushed, 1/10 Thunder Drift 4/WD Brushed, 1/10 RucKus 2/WD Monster Truck, 1/10 AMP DB 2/WD Desert Buggy, 1/10 Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck, 1/10 Losi Tenacity DB Pro 4/WD Desert Buggy Brushless, 1/10 Arrma Granite 4×4 V3 Mega 550 Brushed Monster Truck, Traxxas E-Revo VXL 2.0 4/WD Brushless Monster Truck.  RC Cars RTR Ready To Run - Getting Started

As you continue your research you will find there are many models, types, styles, brands and price ranges for beginners to the more advanced drivers. This Hobby has grown to meet the desires and goals for all RC enthusiast no matter what your level of experience is. There is an RC for every age group and budget for anyone interested in getting involved with this sport.

I would love to have one of everything with a track built in my own backyard for all types and models but I like many others do not have those types of disposable funds available. I do believe I will always be involved with this sport for the rest of my life. I must admit my favorite style is the desert buggy because I like being able to drive over most obstacles with fewer breakdowns. My biggest obstacles seem to be made of concrete. There goes my front end again, crap, off to the local Thrift or Hobby store for some replacement parts.  RC Cars RTR Ready To Run - Getting Started


Maintenance on Your RTR

RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started

Normal maintenance on your RC car will include cleaning and tighting of loose screws.

Requires proper and regular maintenance after each run. You will need to clean the car after running it. To remove dust use a small compressor to blow out the loose dirt especially around the bearings. If, a compressor is not available use a soft brush like an old toothbrush. The dirt and dust make the bearings wear out faster. Clean the areas around the bearings extra carefully. To grease the bearings just use a couple drops of oil. Especially the outer bearings as they are prone to wear out faster. Once you have cleaned the car check for screws that may be loose. Moderate tightening is sufficient with the proper tool.

Cleaning and Storing your RTR

RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started

When cleaning your RTR as mentioned above first remove loose dirt and dust. Once you have used this method you may wipe the remaining debris off the RC car by simply using a damp cloth and simply let air dry. For the body of the car, once removed you may use a sponge to get a better cleaning if needed. Do not use this method around electrical components. This will cause a shortage in these parts and will then need to be replaced.

Once your RC has had the proper maintenance and cleaning it is time to store it until the next use. Once, the car is completely dry you may store it in a clean dry area. Like under your bed if mom allows. Or in your closet on top of the box it came in or simply store it in your closet in the box it came in. Or store it in your families garage on a shelf.

Where, to Find Your RTR

RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started

There are several places to purchase your RTR. You can find them in Thrift stores, slightly used or a good spot to look for spare parts. They are found in stores like Target, Walmart, Toys are Us-if they still exist in your location and most often on the internet such as this website. Question is which sites provide good customer service, shipping, return policy and hassle free purchase for the right price that’s within your budget. I personally like doing business with vendors who offer excellent customer service even if they may not be the least expensive on the market. I prefer to work with vendors that take care of their customer’s even if its purchased online.

“When you click on a link in this article, I may make a commission. This in no way affects the price of your purchase nor does it affect my review.”

Getting Started

Now its time to get started. You have done your research, decided which RTR to purchase, found the RTR that you want to purchase and where from. You have made the purchase and are now waiting for the package to arrive. You come home and find the package on your front door step. You take it inside, open it and remove the RTR. Everything is ready you just need to charge up the battery. The battery is charged, installed and off you go to make your new memories driving through the natural terrain that mother nature has to offer. You even use your imagination to add some jumps and obstacles to drive through or up and over. You bring it inside for inspection and cleaning and mild maintenance and prepare for the next adventure. While, waiting, you think up some new ideas you have that you want to try on future runs.

Don’t forget your camera to take photos and videos so you can enjoy the memories for the rest of your life. Amazing jumps, flips, rolls and oops something broke, how do we fix it. Some good places to look for replacement parts is a thrift store or your local Hobby shop.