Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep – Remote Controlled Toys For Girls

Have you ever wondered with all the different brands and model remote controlled vehicles there are out there how many are designed for the young ladies. Not all young girls want an RC that crashes and smashes over rocks, hills and flies over tall mountains. Some would like a small amazing RC that they can put some design of their own into and provides the type of entertainment suited for their liking. Here is one I believe they would be interested in.  Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep – Remote Controlled Toys For Girls

Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep R/C Vehicle (1:16 Scale), Pink

Who, doesn’t like Jeeps when it comes to RC driving. This model is designed for the younger ages of 6 and up. This one is in the smaller scale of 1/16 and can be driven indoors as well as outdoors. There might be some cleaning before bringing it inside first though. It is painted pink and comes with stickers so you can be creative and do some of you’re own style designing on you’re RC Jeep. This specific model is one of the remote controlled toys that was designed for girls. The seat is designed so you can move it back and it now has room for you to install one of you’re own favorite barbie dolls to give it that real look of a young girl driving her Jeep around town and on the beach depending on where you live.

Pink Jeep


Design Your Own

Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep – Remote Controlled Toys For Girls

With you’re new purchase of this vehicle you will have the ability to make some of you’re own designs. The boxed remote comes with some pretty cool glamour decor stickers. They are very simple to apply and it gives you that extra added feel of ownership. Once you have completed adding your stickers and making this jeep look according to you’re choice you simply add the AA batteries and you are ready to drive. The remote is simple to use so you’re young girls will have a very fun time driving around the house with their barbie doll in the driver seat. Now its time to go visit you’re friendly neighbor or you’re favorite grandparent sitting on the couch. Using their imagination is what makes this new toy that much more fun.

Make It Your Own


About This Item

This model Jeep comes with a full function radio control that is easy to use for smaller children. The only problem is it doesn’t come with multiple frequencies so you can only drive one at a time.

It comes with a sheet of glamour deco stickers so you can add your personality to it.

It is in the 1/16 scale so it is a little bigger than the most common scale. This makes it simpler when learning to hand and eye coordination and if you’re using a hand held controller for the first time. The buttons on the controller are simple to use leaving your children with less frustration while driving.

The Pink Jeep


Reading Some Reviews

After reading some reviews the consensus was that this is a wonderful choice for purchasing a remote controlled toys for girls. The majority of the reviews were given between a 4 & 5 stars. One mom purchased this vehicle for her daughter so she could have an RC to drive alongside her brothers and her dad. It is her favorite color and she said it actually was a little faster than her brothers RC cars. Guess who wanted to drive their sisters RC vehicle.

The vehicle is pretty sturdy as well. From reading the reviews it has been driven down some stairs on occasion and still works. So there is some durability in the design. It is a Jeep after all.

This Jeep actually comes in two colors, Pink and Purple so you have a couple of choices. It is nice because the vehicle comes assembled and is ready to play with once you install the AA batteries. The only thing slowing you down is deciding where and what stickers to put on your RC Jeep. The range on the remote control is perfect and the control is easy to operate. I believe all younger kids wanting to drive an RC vehicle will enjoy this one.

The seat is adjustable so you can move it back to make room for your favorite doll to sit in the drivers seat. Very nice and thoughtful accommodation.

The only real hang up is it only comes with one frequency so you can only drive one at a time. If you have twins and want one for each then you will need to keep looking for another model that runs on a separate frequency.

Overall the reviews were fun to read with lots of positive things to say about this model Some said it was a great gift and would recommend it to others.

Blank Canvas To Design


Purchasing Remote Controlled Cars For Girls

Purchasing an RC vehicle for smaller children is not something to take lightly. Finding the right one that meets parents safety guidance that is operable, durable, without choking hazards or electrical hazards and doesn’t break the bank is something that has to be met without question.

I believe this brand has taken all those concerns into consideration when developing this model. It is affordable, safe and will give your children the excitement and fun you expect when purchasing an RC vehicle as they get started with their remote control journey.

Easy To Use

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I hope this article has helped in making your decision for purchasing a remote controlled car for you’re daughter. Please leave comments below.



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