Rovan Baja 305AS – SnowmobiIe And Wheels For All Seasons

Would you like an RC vehicle that is capable of driving on the snow. Most RC cars plow through grass, dirt and rocky terrain with there specialty designed tires, speed and clearance. This model however gives you the option of changing out the front and rear tires to give it the extra ability to plow through snow. Now when the snow comes down you can simply make the tire changes, bundle up and head outside for some serious snow mobile RC style. Rovan Baja 305AS – SnowmobiIe And Wheels For All Seasons. Let’s check it out.

Rovan 305

Rovan Baja 305AS

Rovan Baja 305AS – SnowmobiIe And Wheels For All Seasons

This model is a 1/5 scale which makes it bigger than the most common size 1/10th scale. The recommended age for this model is 14 and up. I would also recommend some adult supervision for the younger teenagers. I believe in safety and respecting the law and others land you may be driving on. Some pros for this is that’s it makes it easier to work on. So when you need to change out the wheels and tires for the changing seasons it becomes a little easier.

Remember this is a gas model so you will need to mix the gas and oil ratio based on the Manuel or you could purchase it already mixed. Mixing it yourself is easy and this gives you the ability to purchase both fuel mixtures in larger quantity so you can bring the size container you want when you are out on longer distances for you drive preferences. Like when you go camping or are out all day looking for more exciting terrains to drive on. You will more likely end you driving experience from broken parts vs. running out of fuel. For these days try to remember to bring the tools you might need and some spare parts. You never know what might happen so try to be prepared.

The Rovan Baja is built with very durable parts which will help it lasts for years with you normal maintenance. The durable parts are metal, aluminum and hard plastic. Depending on you drive style none of these parts were designed to be blasted to the moon and back so there is the possibility of these parts breaking. Fortunately these parts are replaceable. They can be found all over the internet. Look for reputable sites with a history of being around for longer than 15 minutes You understand what I am saying.

Rovan Baja

Here are some parts that’s come with this model:

The Rovan Baja snowmobile uses a 30.5CC engine, which has strong power and a fast response. The engine type is a single cylinder air-cooled two-stroke gasoline engine. This is a really good RC gasoline engine.

30.5cc Gas powered

The front drive of the Rovan Baja snowmobile uses an alloy sled design, and the rear drive uses a crawler drive, which does not slip.

The custom exhaust pipe on the 1/5 scale snowmobile is made of thick stainless steel material, with low sound and good quality

Snowmobile Capability

Rovan Baja 305AS – SnowmobiIe And Wheels For All Seasons

This beast is BIG and is designed to drive on snow! This is the ROVAN 305AS. It comes equipped with skid plates and tracks to drive in the snow. It also comes with 4 wheels for driving in the summer. You can mix and match tracks, skies, wheels. You’re driving experience only ends when you run out of fuel, daylight or broken parts.

Rovan Baja

New Meaning To All Terrain And Seasons

Rovan Baja 305AS – SnowmobiIe And Wheels For All Seasons

You can plan on driving the Rovan Baja 305AS year around. When you look outside and see the snow falling no problem. Make the necessary wheel changes, gear up for the cold and head on out. When its raining again change to the correct tires, gear up and head out. The only part to consider when its raining is the exposed air filter so you might want to wait until the rain stops before heading out. A clogged, damped air filter puts a hamper on run time, who wants that’s.

The weight alone on this beast is around 40lbs. It’s a little heavy which gives it the ability to run through most obstacles in all weather. This could explain the oil filled shocks on both the front and back.

All seasons

The Rovan Baja 305AS is equipped to run in all terrains. You no longer have to skip the snow days and wait for spring to come around before going outside to enjoy you RC adventures. This vehicle makes it possible to drive year around. This is an exceptional investment that’s gives you the ability for year around RC driving fun in all four seasons. You can purchase more spare parts to keep on hand, which in the long run could be less expensive that’s purchasing several types of RC vehicles. Unless you simply enjoy all the different brands that’s are available out there. Spare parts and preventive maintenance will keep this vehicle running for years. It is more likely that’s the brand will stop making replacement parts for this model before you RC is ready for the graveyard. It may be possible to find these parts in you local hobby shops but in time you may have to look in thrift stores or put an add in the paper for local residents who may have one sitting in there garage and completely forgot about it. Kind of like looking for parts on an old antique car. We know there out there just have to spend the extra time looking for them.

Simple Upgrades And Replacement Parts

You may need to replace parts on occasion or you may just want some spare parts available to extend you driving time. Some parts that’s you may want to have available are the air filter, shock absorbers, skid plates and some extra tires and wheels. Check with you owners manual for part numbers and proper care, storage and maintenance.

Driving In All Seasons

Now that’s you have purchased you Rovan Baja 305AS its time to UN box you new beast and get it ready for some serious outdoor driving fun and adventures in all available terrains. Nothing is stopping you now. Not the weather, the seasons or terrain. The purchase of the vehicle will give you hours and hours of driving fun and memories. You have you premixed fuel, the battery is charged and you ready to hit the trails. Pull start you beast and let it rip. Watch the snow fly off you tracked wheels while you spin around trees, picnic tables, and other mother nature obstacles. When the snow melts and the season turns to spring, change out the tracks and skid plates to the tires and continue driving through the mud, grass, leaves, broken sticks, rocks and other small debris that’s are out there waiting for you to conquer them. The only thing you need is fuel, time and maybe a few spare parts. The fun does not end due to the season. It’s all open for year around RC driving adventure. What are you waiting for, get out there and start you 365 a day driving excursions.

Rovan Baja

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