Double E 1:18 4WD Monster Truck Rock Crawler – Take The Kids Outside

When it comes to getting started with you’re RC rock crawling experience for you’re smaller children there are several models to choose from. One that I recommend is the Double E 4WD Monster Truck. Double E 1:18 4WD Monster Truck Rock Crawler – Take The Kids Outside. This is the perfect size, style and price range for young beginners. Let’s get more into it.

Double E

Double E 4WD Monster Truck

Double E 1:18 4WD Monster Truck Rock Crawler – Take The Kids Outside

What are some things we like about the 4WD Monster Truck. For one, it will give you an excellent driving experience for you’re first time out. It is also one of those that is ready to run right out the box, known as RTR. The only thing slowing you down at the beginning is charging the batteries. This process doesn’t take long though.

This 4WD remote control car is equipped with a high-quality rock shell and powerfully built in motors. This will enable you to have a little more fun driving over some tuff terrain. This will enable this model to easily drive through sand, rocky areas, grass and other terrain that is provided by mother nature and the ones you build while driving indoors. With the anti-slip tires and shock absorb er’s it will give some support to unexpected dropping and unstable surfaces on the ground to help protect the electric components which help in allowing you to drive in all terrains. I do however recommend that you do not drop it from heights greater than 5 feet or higher. The parts are plastic and not as durable as the expensive models. They do break from harsh treatment.

This 4X4 Off-road monster truck is equipped with two 4.8V-800mAh rechargeable batteries which gives you the joy of driving for periods of about 60 minutes depending on the type of terrain. Driving steep uphill terrain will naturally drain the battery a little quicker as it puts more strain on the motor. No worries though keep driving and recharging the back up battery unless you are in a location where you can not charge the battery. Good news is the battery can be recharged using the USB charging cable, just plug it into you’re parents laptop. Thanks, Mom and Dad. H aha, gotta keep those kids happy. It’s a small price to pay.

With the 2.4GHz radio control system that is sensitive and very responsive to the steering and throttle. It offers a stable signal and has a non jamming function which allows multiple vehicles to be used at the same time. The distance for reception is about 200ft.

This RC toy makes a great gift for boys and girls. It comes with an exquisite packaged box and it is an RTR vehicle which makes it good for kids age 3 and up. This is a very nice off-road RC crawler for both indoor and outdoor use.

Monster Crawler


The Specific Design

Double E 1:18 4WD Monster Truck Rock Crawler – Take The Kids Outside

How many young children like graffiti. This model comes with a graffiti look to it. The nice thing about that is if you’re kids want to change up the color design give them some pain and let them go at it. I like it when kids use their own imagination and put their identity stamp on things to make it their own. Let their creative minds have some fun. No harm to the vehicle with this type of creative fun.

2 rechargeable batteries

2 Rechargeable Batteries

Double E 1:18 4WD Monster Truck Rock Crawler – Take The Kids Outside

For longer driving time. Who doesn’t want that. The rechargeable time isn’t to long either. While you’re driving with one charged battery you can have the second battery charging while driving. This way you’re driving time is extended until you hear that dreaded sound, “It’s time for bed”, No say it isn’t so. The rechargeable batteries can be plugged into a USB device for charging. There are a lot of devices these days that have a USB port for charging all kinds of electronics. This nice addition makes it great for the kids to have the ability to continue driving while their spare battery is being charged on a laptop, tablet and multiple other types of electronic devices. Keeping the fun alive for longer periods.

Driving Outside And Inside

Double E 1:18 4WD Monster Truck Rock Crawler – Take The Kids Outside

The exciting part about this model is its ability to be driven indoors as well as outdoors. On those rainy days you can build you’re own indoor track and let the fun continue. Make sure to clean it after outdoor activities before indoor driving. Let’s look at driving indoor’s. Think about the items you can use when designing you’re indoor track. What obstacles can you put down the hallway. I have used boxes, laundry baskets, Lego pieces, small flat books, the list goes on. I might want to offer one piece of advice here, you might want to ask for permission first before going all out. Parents may not approve of all items in the house to be used as obstacles. I have used the couch before as a means of a starting place then down onto other obstacles before getting to the floor. On occasions like these I hear the words dog house. You want me where. LOL. You have been warned.

Now lets go outdoor’s. 4WD Monster Trucking outside. Driving in all terrains. What adventure lurks in you’re backyard, or a nearby park, or acres of naturally made obstacles by mother nature. Or hiking, biking trails. Nearby lakes, rivers or streams. Watch out for wet type of surfaces, they are not good on the servos. This model isn’t exactly designed to be waterproof. Now you’re there outside looking at you’re surroundings about to conquer what lies behind the tree or bushes. The dirt trail that leads to the unknown. What a fun memory filled day with more adventures waiting. Where will you go next.

Outdoor Crawling

Making It Happen

There are several models that are available when it comes to RC 4WD monster truck crawlers and I believe you will have many hours of enjoyable fun making lots of memories with this particular model. I believe that many kids will like this vehicle for the colorful design shell that comes with it. If! desired you can change the colorful design to you’re own liking which makes it nice to see the younger kids use their own imagination. It adds possibilities to the fun. With the two batteries it will also give them more driving time. I hope you enjoy you’re new adventures that await you both indoors and outdoors.

Double E, extended driving time.

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