Driving RC cars and trucks is a fun and great way to spend outdoor time with family. I first got into it when my son was young. We purchased an indoor RC car and enjoyed watching him learn how to control it. This naturally lead into more purchases so his dad could enjoy driving with him. Now we both love cool remote control cars and we love to race and compete and build our own types of tracks, both indoor and outdoor.

What To Drive

What to drive. Like I stated in the introduction we first started with small indoor RC cars. This gave my son the ability to learn how to operate the controller. Learning hand to eye coordination to keep the car from hitting objects. He learned very fast and most of the time does not run into objects unless it’s a part of his plan. We used to try to flip each other’s cars as we drove them on the carpet inside the house on the carpeted floor as many times as possible before the battery life ran out. This led to the need for spare parts which led to repairing broken pieces with needed spare parts that came from other RC cars that were purchased from thrift stores, online sources etc.

Let’s race.

Start small with indoor cars that drive well on smooth surfaces. As you progress you will work your way up to cars that drive fine on carpeted floors then moving to outside RC cars and 4 wheel drive trucks such as rock crawlers. Each class of RC car and truck will increase your skills and handling of that RC vehicle.

Fun to start with.


Learning To Drive

Starting out we used smaller version RC cars that were conducive to his specific age. We read the instruction booklet for safety concerns and proper installment of batteries. Yes this was a boring read but essential to a successful beginning. We also watched several videos on YouTube. These examples helped explain a lot of questions we may have had at the time.

The simplest way to learn how to drive cool remote control carsĀ  is to just give the remote and control over to the person and letting them learn from experience. You can only learn so much from videos, reading manuals and listening to others experience. Time to take the control and learn from experience. Like driving a car sooner or later you will have to give them the keys.

Be Careful.


Where To Drive

The best place to start as a beginner is simply inside on a tile floor. This provides a safe controlled environment as your child is first learning how to drive their first RC car. As they develop their skills the fun really begins.

You can start using your imagination to build track inside to drive on and also increase your imagination by building tracks outside from whatever materials you have or can purchase. There is the best free option provided by mother nature. Always allow your children to utilize their own inspired imagination as they look for ways to build their own specially designed tracks. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my son use his own imagination as he tried several ways to do stunts and tricks. No not all were without failed attempts but he is always learning.

Hence, the need for more spare parts which lead to him using his thought’s on what part would fit on each specific type of RC car and truck. He would take them apart and learn which parts fit and which parts would not fit. He also now has some of his own tools for replacing bent and broken parts. We also now have the ability to solder some wires that get disconnected as the car tumbles down a rock hill. He is learning safety and using precaution while using his soldering gun as this tool gets very hot and the solder doesn’t always melt where you want it to. This has given him the opportunity to practice and learn patience while holding the small wires in place,(not by hand) to make the soldering process successful.


Keep Things Safe

I am a firm believer in keeping things as safe as possible. I will instruct my son on the why’s and why we don’t do certain things based on safety reasons. We want to keep all of our fingers and toes and not spend hours in the emergency room stitching up preventable wounds. This also keeps his mother very happy and me out of un necessary hot water. Haha

I simply explain to him and sometimes show him why we do not drive our RC cars under the neighbors’ vehicle or down a main road. There are also videos available showing what happens to those who have done these types of unsafe practices. Seeing is believing. I also make it known the repercussions for making these type of unsafe practices. Its best to abide by the rules of the law and the laws of the parents. Broken rules will create repercussions which do not lead to driving fun.

Let’s keep it safe and fun for all drivers involved.

“when you click on a link in this article, I may make a commission. This in no way affects the price of your purchase nor does it affect my review.”


Enjoy Your Driving Memories

Now that you have done your research you are ready to start making some wonderful family memories. You now have an idea of which RC car you want to purchase for your beginner or novelist. You now have shared your ideas with the whole family that is about to get involved with some favorite time spent together making life lasting memories. You now have your cameras ready to capture that moment your kids eye’s light up as the package arrives at the door step and they can’t wait to open it.

This is simply the beginning to many hours, days and weeks of developing skills, repairs and replacing broken parts and joining a community that has the same excitement when spending time with the people who matter most in your life.RC Cars

Start your memories today and enjoy the family fun.




Remote Control Cars – Fun for the whole Family

During the past few years I have enjoyed spending time with my son driving remote control cars. We have spent hours outside driving different kinds of RC’s at different speeds through all kinds of terrain. We have watched several videos on your tube watching other families simply enjoying the entertaining fun that comes with remote control cars. There are several factors that go into purchasing RC’s that meet your budget and the age of the person driving the car. I am going to break these challenges down in the following stages.

Age appropriate RC’s

When your children are small remember to look for cars that are durable and safe. So you will need to do some homework and research which RC’s would best fit your entertainment age.

My son first started with small indoor cars. We had some that ran great on tile floors and made siren sounds and had lights on them. He enjoyed catching his dad and giving me a ticket for speeding.

Then we moved on to four wheel drive outdoor monster trucks. He has enjoyed climbing up and down hills, over rocks and debris in the fields. He also enjoyed driving off things which led to minor breaks which he was able to repair with his spare parts form other RC’s. Over the years he has developed this ability to repair parts by using parts from other RC’s that have been sent to the boneyard. He is now driving larger and faster RC’s that require a lot more skill.

He is now also learning how to fly helicopters. This requires a different skill set. Like keeping the helicopter away from the ceiling fans, not flying to close to your dads head, away from the walls etc.


Purchasing RC’s

Purchasing RC’s has been made fairly simple these days as there are several places online. We have purchased most of ours from amazon as they will deliver to your door. Other places have been target, toys r us as they were going out of business in my location and goodwill. We have found great deals at goodwill to replace broken parts.

The deals on purchasing will vary depending on how much time your want to dedicate in your research. Spending the time, finding the deals and watching your kid open the box is too much fun to explain here in words.


Types of RC’s

You have choices between on-road, off-road and indoor models. Indoor models are good for those rainy days when your mom won’t let your go outside. There fun to drive on tile floors to get maximum speed. Sometimes your might bounce them off the washer and dryer. Oooopppsss sorry mom.

I have enjoyed driving remote control cars inside. You can make your own race track, put up barriers and obstacles to drive around to help develop your’re driving skills. Weve used books for a slick surface, storage containers for higher elevation tracks with ramps at each end to drive up and down, providing you make it to the end without falling off first. You get to be very creative while building your track through the house using what items your have available to make your tracks a little more interesting.

Driving outside. Talk about getting creative. I have seen people build ramps so they can drive their car on the rooftop of their house then drive off onto a sand pile or dirt pile for a soft landing. These are done with more expensive and faster RC’s naturally. As you get older and more experienced these are what are available to the more experienced and mature drivers. For the less experienced just driving outside in all the elements is just as much fun. Driving through snow, mud, dirt trails and your own designed natural mother nature provided obstacles can be quite challenging.

There are also remote control helicopters. Flying these types of RC’s brings about a new challenge. We will discuss this at a later time as I discover more information.

Interchangeable spare parts become a normal part of the everyday RC drivers experience. Purchasing replacement parts and keeping spare parts from other vehicles will help develop your mechanical and engineering ability to keep your RC’s on the road. I have enjoyed watching my son develop these skills as we take apart our cars and trucks and using these parts to repair another vehicle. It’s been fun and amazing to watch him learn these skills.

Places to drive RC’s


My son and I love to drive outside. We drive on asphalt parking lots, around the house building our own tracks, through mud and water and down steep hills. Yes its fun to watch them tumble down a hill and hopefully land on their tires and keep going.

“when you click on a link in this article, I may make a commission. This in no way affects the price of your purchase nor does it affect my review.”

We have also built our own indoor tracks using books, storage containers and other material found in the house, but not moms good china of course. We have driven them off tables, with the use of a ramp and down a hill and hopefully land on their tires and keep going. We have driven them off tables, with the use of a ramp and beds.

There are parks that can also be used for making great jumps, just remember spare parts will most likely be needed following these awesome stunts.RC Car

The possibilities with your imagination are endless.


Have fun driving your RC’s and be safe.

Spending time together making memories that will last forever, especially as you catch these memories on camera. So you can share them with the people that matter most in your life. Looking back on them 5 to 10 years later seeing how things have changed as your family has grown.

Enjoy the memories, gotta go, we have rock crawler action waiting.