Redcat Racing Gen8 – Fun Rock Crawler

Redcat Racing was established in 2005 and has become one of the premier name’s for Fast- Affordable – Fun and ready to run, gas, nitro and electric powered remote controlled vehicles. They come fully assembled and RTR right out of the box making it simple for anyone to get started with their R/C hobby. For this article I am going to be talking about the Redcat Racing Gen8 model. Recommended age for this model is 14+. 



About This Item

Some modifications that have made this model a fan favorite is listed below. These are most of the changes Redcat has made to make this model a fan favorite to have in your rock crawler inventory.

  • Portal axles, divorced transfer case, High strength 1. 5mm c-channel chassis rails, 4-link suspension, aluminum threaded shocks, functional 1. 9 bead lock wheels, CNC machined spools, metal wheel hexes, rubber sealed ball bearings throughout, 47º precision steering, Pan hard bar, front mounted motor
  • Adjustable wheelbase, multiple shock positions, tun able suspension, lockable adjustable slipper clutch, many upgraded parts available, many 3D Printable parts available. Battery and Charger NOT included. See below for recommended items.
  • Licensed International Harvester Scout II Body, Hard plastic grill, LED ready body and bumpers, plastic folding Mirrors, molded inner and outer fenders, licensed Interco Super swampier tires, Shackle mount bumpers (LED ready), plastic rock sliders
  • HobbyWing AXE 540 Brushless motor, Hobbywing AXE ESC, Reefs 422HD V2 waterproof steering servo, Fly Sky 6 channel 2. 4GHz radio system.


The new heavy-duty axles, stronger portal gears, flat bottom skid plate, stronger plastic axle housings and steel transmission gears are also included to make the Gen8 AXE Edition stronger than ever.

The REDCAT GEN8 AXE Edition makes it easy to conquer all types of terrain ( I love this part). The stock configuration offers users 80mm of ground clearance, a 61 degree approach angle, and a 39.5 degree departure angle.



The Gen8 International Scout II AXE Edition is highly upgrade able with many upgraded parts available, including numerous 3D printable parts that have been made available for download.

The REDCAT Gen8 AXE Edition is a great choice for anyone looking for a high performance rock crawler with limitless potential.

Redcat Brand

As stated earlier the Redcat brand has only been around since 2005 but it has made some serious changes to keep up with the competition. They are a brand that is becoming widely known for their stability and affordability in the RC vehicle market. Fans all over enjoy their RTR out the box ready to run. Making things simple for beginners and RC enthusiast alike.


Common Reviews About The REDCAT Gen 8

I have read quite a few reviews about this model and all of them gave it two thumbs up. They bragged about the looks, style, agility and affordability. They mentioned the recommended upgrades to keep your rock crawling adventures a little more enjoyable. These part upgrades simply give it more stability. Depending on your style of driving you might not need them. We have been using gutted parts from other RC’s that have served their purpose and are now in the RC graveyard but there is value in the left over assorted parts. My son has one rock crawler that now has several parts from different model RC’s. Kind of like Johnny Cashes Chevy car song, but hey my crawler is still getting the job done without having to wait for replacement parts to be delivered by the slow mail service.

The most anticipated vehicle release from Redcat Racing of all time has to be the Gen8 International Scout II. When the Redcat Racing crew announced the upcoming release of the Gen8, the scale crawler world was taken back. Banking on the success of the Gen 7, Redcat listened to the fans and made substantial changes to the Gen8; and by substantial there was  almost a complete overhaul.

Having the portal axles on the Gen8 lets this rig get over almost anything in its path, which explains the part about conquering all kinds of terrain, which did I mention I love this part, without needing to have bigger tires and also gets rid of the pesky torque twist some RTR rigs tend to have. The stock shocks are some the best there are on a RTR. Not too stiff and not to soft, just the right amount of oil for the desired rebound you would want. The shocks also have the adjustable spindle if you are looking for a stiffer ride. When it comes to flex, the Gen8 will impress even the harshest of critics. There are also several redcat gen8 upgrades available.



Recommended Parts

These two items do not come with your purchase.

Battery and Charger.

Here is what items that come highly recommended for the redcat gen8 parts.



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Purchasing The REDCAT GEN8

There are several places to purchase your rock crawler to add to your inventory. The one that has become a popular household name is Amazon. They are a trusted warehouse operation that has excedded the nation with exceptional shipping reliability and service known the world over.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy your newest purchase of the Redcat Gen 8. Please leave a message below and share your story about your latest Gen 8 adventure.


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