JLB Cheetah 2.4G 1/10 Scale -Let The Fun Begin

Another fairly new manufacturer is the JLB Racing Co. They are a professional MFG that makes remote control car models and their accessories. They mostly stick with the RC grade 1/10th scale. They excel at this specific scale for the simple reason that this is the most widely purchased scale. It is purchased by more experienced users. This is why JLB manufactures a quality remote control car that focuses on producing RC cars that are stable, good handling at high speeds, using stronger material that can endure the rough terrain and whatever your outdoor experience might encounter. They confess to have some more advanced designing philosophy, a strict quality control and provide excellent sales service. So if you have any trouble with your purchase there should be very little hassle with the return program no matter what avenue you choose to purchase one of their models. One of their models being offered is the JLB 2.4G Racing Cheetah 1/10th scale. This is the one I am describing with this post. Let’s take a closer look.  JLB Cheetah 2.4G 1/10 Scale -Let The Fun Begin

JLB Cheetah 2.4G 1/10 Scale -Let The Fun Begin
JLB Cheetah


The Cheetah – Who Wants One

JLB Cheetah 2.4G 1/10 Scale -Let The Fun Begin

Most experienced drivers would love to have one of these in their collection. These things are known for their durability, agility and the most exciting is its speed. The brand JLB stands by its reputation of making durable, reliable and lasting RC models in the 1/10th scale. This is their focus for remote control vehicles. Once you have purchased one of their models you will more than likely want to add to your compilation of RC driving fun. I believe this brand is going to be around for quite some time as they continue to build newer models to keep up with the expanding designs and expectations that will come with the RC sport.

JLB Cheetah

JLB Cheetah 2.4G 1/10 Scale -Let The Fun Begin

The JLB Cheetah is a fairly new item on the market but JLB stands up to their image for building a reliable remote control car that brings you hours of extreme fun driving this model outdoors. The Cheetah model will give you many hours of driving fun with a vehicle that should last for many years, depending on how you drive it and if you have a routine maintenance program. Maintenance on these vehicles is crucial to the life expectancy which will bring you many more hours of driving outdoor memories. The elements from where you drive these off road vehicles can certainly mess up your bearings, motors, circuit cards, steering dampers, both plastic and metal parts. Its nice to properly clean these parts and remove the dirt and debris they can collect when driving through the terrain they were built for. I would recommend you search for any hard copy or PDF file of recommended parts and maintenance brochures that will help guide you in keeping your model ready for continues driving ability.

Driving The Cheetah

When you receive your Cheetah and break it out of the box, charge the batteries and head outside for the very first time you are about to get super excited. Starting off, somewhat gradual, at first you will realize you have a powerful beast on your hands. Then as you progress on your outdoor excursions you will find that driving the Cheetah you will want to make it more exciting. This will be accomplished by using your imagination as you look for ways to make the driving experience more exciting and memorable. You will want to find ways to make jumps out of items offered by mother nature or some homemade material. Making tracks from rocks, tree stumps, piles of leaves, jumps that go over picnic tables – ones that are being used, and whatever your imagination can think up. You can also spend some time with friends and family members or local RC sport enthusiast to build your own track for fun or just some good old fashion local competition. What would make it even a little more interesting is some competition against similar models but from different manufactures. Naturally the winning model will have something to do with the amount of experience the drivers have. Would defiantly be cool to hear from other drivers their opinions of what they like and may not like about the different brands. I’m sure the manufactures would like to hear from the users what they would like to see improved upon.

JLB Cheetah 2.4G 1/10 Scale -Let The Fun Begin
Outdoor Driving Fun


Buying replacement parts. There are several parts that can be replaced and purchased online from many sources if needed. When you download the Manuel for the Cheetah it will give you the list of parts with the part number to help make your search similar and ensuring you purchase the correct part. This is one area that will require some research as to where to purchase these replacement parts at a reasonable price. As the brand becomes more popular finding these parts at your local Hobby shops should become available. Depending on your wait time having these parts shipped could take up to a couple of weeks. When it comes to driving these RC beast it is better to wait for the correct part vs. using a substitute for immediate driving back on the trail which could end up breaking your model and then needing even more parts which adds to the wait time. Sometimes it is better to simply wait. While you are waiting you can perform some routine maintenance on it and have it completely ready to drive once your replacement part arrives.

Why Buy This Brand

In conclusion you will not be let down as you start to enjoy what the JLB brand is offering. As stated earlier they focus on the 1/10th scale model and are relentless in making this a reliable operating driving RC model as much as possible and staying in an affordable price range. I am sure these manufactures could make a more solid longer lasting design but the cost would be similar to buying your first car. Then you would need to register it with the DMV and get insurance on it and pay who knows what kind of fees etc. Who wants that, not me. I prefer to pay less than a thousand and be outside driving at my leisure on my own time without the need for insurance, blinkers, headlights, oil changes that’s too much for simply wanting to go outside and be entertained for a few hours.

Cheetah Insane Fun

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