TRAXXAS Bigfoot – Monster Truck For Adults & Kids

Who in the RC sport isn’t familiar with the original Monster Truck “Bigfoot”. One of the first monster trucks ever built started in 1975 by owner Bob Chandler. He modified his then 1974 Ford F-250 and by 1979 the modifications were so extensive it became known as the first monster truck. Over the years the size tires have gone from 48 inches to 66 inches and to 120 inches. Obviously there have been several changes and upgrades to engine size, shocks, frame support, and many other improvements, along with safety as the Monster truck sport has evolved. Some back history on the Bigfoot is that it was also one of the first Monster trucks to appear in Hollywood movies. Its first appearance was in 1981 and the movie was called, “Take This Job and Shove It”. It has also appeared in the movies, Cannonball Run, Police Academy 2, Roadhouse, Tango and Cash, Charlies Angels and Full Throttle. Naturally it has been in video games and several animated TV series. The list is to long to mention here. One of the leading brands in RC car and trucks has given us the opportunity to continue to enjoy the excitement of driving the first legend’s monster truck.TRAXXAS Bigfoot – Monster Truck For Adults & Kids. We can drive the Traxxas Bigfoot in an RC model.

Bigfoot Legend

The Traxxas Bigfoot

TRAXXAS Bigfoot – Monster Truck For Adults & Kids

The Traxxas Bigfoot Monster Truck ready to race 360341 is available on amazon, through this website, the Traxxas website and E-Bay. The brand Traxxas has taken into special consideration for building an RC model of the legend,”Bigfoot” by applying what their known for in the RC industry. They have applied their special touch of ingenuity and durability into the parts on this outdoor rugged machine along with their waterproof design. This design predominantly comes in the 1/10th scale as it is the most common. There are non RC types you can find that can be played with indoors as well. The Bigfoot name has been around the longest so it can be found in all types of venues even in video games, but we will stick with what is available from Traxxas. The Traxxas brand has two different models available, the Bigfoot and the Bigfoot #1. Both are 2WD and go at a speed of 30mph. You can increase it’s speed up to about 35-36mph by purchasing these products and adding them to you specific model. 1) Traxxas part # 5116-Bairings. 2) Traxxas part # 2423-23 tooth pinyin gear and 3) Traxxas part # 4676– the Largest Bur Gear. These parts all total about $20.00 and take about 30 minutes to install.

Bigfoot Action


Driving Bigfoot Outdoors

TRAXXAS Bigfoot – Monster Truck For Adults & Kids

Why would you drive it anywhere else. Will you parents actually allow you to drive it indoors. Probably not. The temptation of driving it through you sisters dollhouse is too great. Why put yourself in a position to be grounded, just stay outside. You know it’s always going to be dads fault anyway. If it does happen then flower sales will go up in you neighborhood. Lol. Onto driving in the beautiful, natural trails outdoor. How many families enjoy being outside on a sunny day with mild winds camping, fishing, canoeing, water skiing, horseback riding, relaxing on vacation or just simply tired of being inside the house due to the covid virus. Everyone is starting to get on each other nerves so it’s time to get out. Everyone bring their favorite entertainment with them, hit the beach, go see Grandma just get out. Kids bring their toys, both big and small kids, toys for all ages. The family brings what each one enjoys. If it’s RC cars for all then bring lots of batteries. The good news these toys do not take up that much room and if needed can be carried on you lap. Load up the SUV, RV, minivan or just walk to you neighboring park or just use you front yard or backyard. Now that you have selected the location what obstacles in the area can you used to make a track with or just simply do you best to drive over these obstacles. If you get stuck simply pick it up and move on. Where I currently live it’s in a desert area so there are lots of rocks, gravel, sticks, uphill grades and downhill grades, evergreen trees and some very tough weeds. They generally flip over the RC Truck and you have to upright the vehicle but no broken parts. One thing you have to be observant of is those piles of horse, Burroughs and deer droppings. Stay away from the fresh droppings. If you drive you vehicle through this then you will most defiantly need to clean off the vehicle before bringing it into the house.

Outdoor Mudding


Bigfoot What Can Stop It

TRAXXAS Bigfoot – Monster Truck For Adults & Kids

What can possible stop a legend. We laugh at you mother nature, H aha. I am driving the legend Bigfoot Monster Truck. OK yeah I kind of lost reality. This is why imagination is so cool. How much fun it is to drive such a cool RC truck at speeds of around 30-35 mph as you head for the obstacle that looks like it is going to have you beat but you jump over it, power slide around it or drive over it and you truck does a couple of flips and lands on it’s wheels and keeps rolling. So cool. Hopefully someone got it on video so you can repeat viewing it and showing it to you friends. What awesome memories and dreams that will be had from these exciting events. The sheer thrill of sharing with you grandparents, the best friends and family members. The smiles continue from the moment you see the box arrive, unwrap it and begin you off road memories. Will the thrills ever end. No that’s because replacement parts are available. No need to frown, more adventure will begin as soon as the parts arrive. You just need, no don’t say it, Patience. While waiting think about what kind of tracks you can be designing. What obstacles you discovered are the most fun to go through and what obstacles you would like to try next time and what caused the need for this replacement parts so you can avoid those obstacles in the next race. Use a pen and pad and draw up you future track. Write down what obstacles to avoid. Where you would like to try you next obstacle course. Let you imagination take you there and then write it down.

I’m Unstoppable.


Take Bigfoot With You On Your Next Trip

Where can you take you RC Monster Truck. Think about the locations and then prepare what you will need for the trip. This will naturally depend on the location. If it’s you front or backyard then you simply need the truck and a charged battery. Going to visit a friend or you Grandparents then perhaps some tools and extra spare parts and you battery charger. If it’s on a vacation then the list will be a little longer. If you going camping for the weekend then tools, spare parts and battery charger. You can always ask you family if anything is missing.

Ready for my next Trip

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As always in order to maintain you fun remember to be safe as these RC toys can go fairly fast. Bring you video camera to capture those unbelievable stunts that do happen. Remember that Bigfoot is a legend and I am sure you RC vehicle will provide many hours of driving fun with lots of fond memories.

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