Remote Controlled Cars for Kids – Getting Started

What to purchase for your fist beginner RC car.

I know as you get started in buying your young children RC toys you have many questions.

What type of remote controlled car do I purchase for my kids?

What car is age appropiate?

Where do I purchase these RC cars from and who is reliable?

I am going to help you with your first selection and try to make the process simpler in the following paragraphs.

Helping Your Kids get Started

One thing to remember is the bigger the number that represents the scale of the car such as 1/16th the smaller the car. There will be scale RC cars for under-age three of 1/43rd for example. So you will most likely be starting with a scale of around 1/43RD OR 1/15th – 1/16TH This size will allow your kids to drive them inside in locations approved by the parents of course. Be sure to check the possible of chocking hazard warnings that let you know what age the particular model you are about to purchase that informs you of the appropriate age for that model. Most will let you know the age appropriate for playing with that model.

There are several choices you now have when purchasing your first remote controlled car for your kids age toddler and up. There are cars with noises such as police cars that give your child the ability to maintain a level of entertainment while not getting bored for long periods of time. There are also Transformer type small RC cars they can easily drive indoors that run on AA batteries that are easily changed out. Keep several on hand and possibly purchase rechargeable types. Both the RC car and the remote will need batteries. The batteries in the remotes will naturally last longer so the need to replace them will not be as often.

Something Simple


There are several avenues for you to do your research as to which RC car is most applicable for your child s age. I will get into that in more detail later.


Where To Purchase Your First RC Car Toy on an Affordable Budget:

There are several locations as to where to purchase your RC cars. Here are a few: E-bay, Walmart, Target, Amazon and Thrift Stores. Lots of.coms such as my website.

Starting off so you can actually see what you’re purchasing, (for your child s safety) you will most likely be using stores that are open to the public such as Walmart, Target and Thrift Stores. These stores also have a return policy except for possibly the Thrift Stores. My family has purchased from all the above with very little hassles or need to return the item. What we like mostly is the ability to see what we were actually purchasing because we were very concerned for our child s safety. Plus the batteries were near the check out isle so we wouldn’t forget. Over the years as we have purchased many models and types we like looking and purchasing in the Thrift Stores which have lots of parts and spare ni-cad batteries that are very affordable. They also have new still in the box and like new also still in the box, but check the contents of the box to ensure all pieces are there such as the remote. As your children start to accumulate these toys they break and you can use them for spare parts and find what parts are missing at the Thrift Stores. We have purchased cars for parts on occasion.


Learning How To Operate Your First RC

What is possibly the first thing needed in learning to operate your first RC car. I would say a little patience. Go ahead and read the instructions. There very simple and will give you a good insight and preparation to a more enjoyable experience for a longer period. Installing the batteries properly will keep from slowing you down. Some have more than one frequency so you can operate more than one at a time. What button needs to be on or the right location to allow multiple cars running at the same time for multiple users. How else will their be a race. Simply read the instructions.

Rewarding Your Kids With RC Family Fun

Now that you have done the research, made your selection time to start the RC journey family fun. Seeing your kids face for the first time with a big smile as they open the box with their first brand new toy never gets old. Now watching them play for hours, (depending on how many batteries you have) taking pictures and making videos so you can download them to the family computer so they can watch over and over and relive the experience is a long-lasting fun memory for all. Plus they will start to develop hand and eye coordination, judging distances before crashing, after a few crashes and some engineering work in swapping out parts. Yes they do break, they are mostly made out of plastic. Spare parts will come from other broken toys and Thrift Stores.

Cool RC’s for all.

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Why Not Get Started Making Those families Fun Memories

There are tons of videos to watch on you-tube of families who enjoy RC fun and entertainment. You will now start to accumulate your own memories as your children start their RC entertainment and possibly never stop. What age is it when you get too old to play with RC cars then on to larger scale cars, boats, helicopters and drones. I may not have answered all your questions so please leave a comment or a question and I will do my best to answer them in a timely matter. There will also be many more post coming in the future. Thank you and enjoy your future family memories.

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