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Have you ever wondered where can I possibly compete against other racers. Is there any local areas I can race my RC car competitively against other racers. Well the answer is yes. There are RC car competition sites where you can compete against other racers for prizes with small fees to join or you can design you own track for free local competition. The paid competition may not be in you local area which means you might have to do some traveling or you can start a local Facebook page or use other social media platforms to see if there is anyone else who would be up for designing you own local competition tracks. You can always check the Internet for rules that are applied for competition they use for varying types of RC cars. You can use these rules specifically or make up you own, providing all competitors are in agreement. Be sure to make the competition fair and fun for all parties involved. Especially when siblings are involved. I know the feeling of sibling competition as I have four and we are all pretty competitive. There seems to be two groups of people when it comes to racing. Some race for fun others race to win. I’m more familiar with the race to win group but I have learned that having fun while competing is important. Let’s get started with a little more details.

Types of RC Competition

There are different types of RC car competition. For all different levels. My personnel favorite is the buggy style of RC cars. These RC vehicles may not be the fastest but they give great agility for all types of terrain. They can go through dirt, mud, snow, asphalt, low levels of water and can climb over lots of obstacles. They are also pretty durable. They are fairly inexpensive and parts are replaceable. My only problem with them has been when I missed calculated on a turn and ran into a concrete curb. Ooopsss there went the front end. More parts please. There are also naturally fast low riding cars. These types of RC cars will need a flat track. When, you feel the need for speed racing these fast cars that can go up to 100mph is exhilarating to see. You will defiantly develop good eye to hand coordination as you speed around corners avoiding a collision with the other racers like a regular NASCAR type track. Who will take the checkered flag.

Locations for RC Competition

You can start you search for local competition tracks at you local Hobby Shop. They can point you in the right direction as to where tracks are and if a membership is required. They can also inform you as to if the tracks have races weekly and or monthly. One place you can find information that provides a list of states with individual business names and locations of local tracks is with the magazine Radio Control Car Action Magazine. For a membership you get a monthly magazine full of current information on new RC cars and trucks that are coming out, list of local tracks by state, reviews on the different types of RC cars and trucks and some pretty cool pictures and informative articles. Remember that RC competition takes place for different levels for different types of cars and trucks. Some will have trophies at the end of the day or possibly the end of the racing season depending on you competing desire.

RC Competition in you neighborhood

Some of the most memorable RC competition will come from you own neighborhood. Competing against local boys, girls, and you siblings of all ages in the neighborhood. Bringing different types, shapes, colors, and models to race for the winning prize selected by a group effort between kids and parents. There could be room for multiple races varying by age and models of different sizes with different prizes for all competitors. You can check with you local Hobby Shops for track locations or you can collectively search for a location and build you own track. The joint effort in designing the track with sharp turns, humps and bumps, possibly utilizing both dirt and asphalt as part of the track. What types of debris you might have to climb over, jump over or pits you will need to avoid all together. The fun of using you own imagination to make new or add to current tracks you designed. Breaking out the pad and pencil as you work on a new design or add to a current design. Then making a list of the tools you will need to design you track. Where to get these tools, you grandparents tool shed, you garage, shed and maybe a trip to you favorite location. HD yes that is correct, HD-AKA Home Depot. You will need some shovels, rakes, back hoe, wood, drills, some safety gear for all sizes that will be working on the design and making of you local track. Look out honey, a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. An HD spree is needed/required to make the kids happy and possibly himself. LOL just kidding, kinda. I know you ladies like to get creative with you designs so please get involved with every step of the process. Make it a neighborhood project that all parties involved get to enjoy.

Rules for RC Competition

First off, there are no rules H aha just kidding. There are rules for each style and age group of competition. Some rules will be the same some will differ according to the age group. Some rules can be flexible as long as all parties involved agree. You can check what rules are used and how points are scored by you local Hobby Shop or by simply going online and do some searching. You can use these rules or add to them if you doing a local neighborhood competition that the local neighborhood designed and built. Kind of like a freestyle set of rules that you local neighborhood jointly agrees on.

Having fun while Competing

Watching kids and some grown-ups alike will create some of the most fun and memorable moments you will have. Break out the cameras for keeping the memories stored in you favorite location so you can look back and enjoy the memories. Some of you local competition can most likely start to grow as people in the neighborhood want to expand the racing tracks for all ages and sizes. This is defiantly one hobby the whole family can enjoy no matter you gender. There are several makes and models to choose from along with the ability to upgrade with replaceable parts to make you vehicle go faster or give better traction on those sharp curves. Make sure you have fun and everyone gets a slice of cake when its over, or a slice of pizza whichever you prefer.

Don’t forget your gloves.

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