Redcat Racing Piranha TR10 RC – Chomp Chomp

If, you’re looking for a hobby grade truggy for you’re younger children then you may want to check this one out. It’s in the 1 1/0th scale so it will go nicely with any of you’re future purchases in the RC world. It could be a great introduction to you’re children as they begin their upgrade into the RC Hobby grade vehicles. Let’s take a closer look.

Redcat Racing Piranha TR10 RC

What will you find different about this RC vehicle. The most noticeable item is it’s a Piranha, and it goes chomp, watch you’re fingers kids. Haha just kidding. How many times have we though about how cool piranha’s are, but not so much to play with. Maybe looking at them through a glass aquarium and making sure we don’t put our hands in it. Or maybe we have seen them in their natural habitat in the history or discovery channel and marveled at their feeding ability and leaving only the bones of their prey. I think it is safe to say that most parents would not buy a piranha to keep in the house as a pet, unless you’re related to the Adams family LOL.

Well now it is safe for you to purchase a Piranha for you’re children to play with. Thanks to Redcat Racing you now have the option to purchase a piranha and allow you’re kids, of all ages to play with outdoors. No worries about loosing any fingers or toes, just lots of smiling and laughter.

Thank you, Redcat Racing RC cars for building such an enjoyable Piranha to play with.


Racing The Piranha In All Types Of Terrain’s

Everything you need to make you’re experience to the world of hobby grade RC vehicles that is fast, affordable and will bring hours of fun to you’re daily activities. This RC is a rear wheel drive, off-road electric truggy style vehicle that is equipped with fully adjustable suspension, good ground clearance, and some aggressive off-road tires, except on ice. For this terrain you will need tire chains or spikes. Something you could manufacture in you’re garage if needed.

With this truggy RC model you can choose to tear up the outdoor track or help you’re dad trim the grass by driving around in the yard. What I have always liked about outdoor driving is there is very little limits as to you’re driving range. Mother nature always provides some pretty cool obstacles for you to drive over, through or go airborne. It allows you to use you’re imagination.

No matter where you choose to drive this vehicle the Piranha TR10 is ready to chew up the competition with it’s hi-torque 540 Brushed motor is controlled by a waterproof 2-in-1 ESC/receiver combo. Driving through small levels of water is possible from the out the box ready to run. If, choose to be a little more on the safe side you could wrap you’re electrical components, like the server with some electrical tape. You will also not want to completely submerge the vehicle.

The age suggested for this RC vehicle is 14 years and up but for younger enthusiast it is recommended with adult supervision. I strongly believe in safety. One other thing, don’t forget you’re camera so you can upload you’re memories to watch again later as you’re children become teenagers, then go to college and move out. Trust me you will cherish those memorable video moments from the past.

You can always check out some of the types of terrains this vehicle can drive over by viewing some videos that are available on the Redcat racing website and from plenty of choices on youtube.

You can also download your videos onto my website if you choose. I would love to see and hear about your expierences.

About this item

The Redcat Racing Piranha TR10 is a complete ready to run remote control truggy in the 1/10 scale two wheel drive.

It comes with a hi-torque 540 brushed electric motor that is controlled by a waterproof 2-in-1 ESC/receiver combo and includes a 2.4Ghz radio, battery and charger.

Included with the package is a 2000mAh NiMH battery pack that supplies ample power and is rechargeable with the 1A NiMH battery charger.

It has a fully proportional 2.4GHz radio system with precision control, and includes 4 AA batteries to power the controller.

Hobby Grade 1/10 scale RC Truggy with tunable suspension, toe angle, camber, and slipper clutch, large rear wing and aggressive tires for high speed performance. Truggy platform offers buggy-like performance with added stability. Assembled & Ready to Run – Includes 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH Battery, & 1A NiMH Charger.

As you can see it is completely ready-to-run with pretty much everything included. Getting started you simply need to take it out the box, charge the battery and off you go.

Most of the reviews I have read all agree that this is one offroad truggy they were glad to have purchased. It really was made for those who want to try their hand at a two wheel drive upgrade truggy at an affordable price. I hope you have the same expierence.


Redcat Racing RTR RC Truggy Piranha

Now that you have gathered some more information concerning this vehicle you can make you’re purchase by clicking on the URL below or any one of the pictures in this article. Get you’re completely ready to run, Redcat Racing TR10 1/10 scale RC Truggy today.

Make some videos and share your expierences. We in the remote control vehicle sport always love to hear from others expierences. Dont be shy, share your knowledge and expierence.

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I hope you have found this article informative and it has assisted you with you’re decision. If, have enjoyed this article leave you’re comments below. You may also download your videos on the website below. Looking forward to hearing about your expierence.

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