R/C Police Car and Race Car – Toys for Kids

An RC toy for younger children. Your kids will love playing with these two toys for hours. They run on two separate frequencies so you can play with them both at the same time. It is a combo pack of R/C Police Car and Race Car. R/C Police Car and Race Car – Toys for Kids. The manufacture recommended age is 18 months and up.

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys for Kids

R/C Police Car and Race Car – Toys for Kids

R/C Police Car and Race Car - Toys for Kids
RC kids toy

This Pretex brand has two different RC vehicles included so your kids can play for hours with either both cars or one of there choosing. These toys will keep going until you run out of batteries. When you have kids and you purchase toys for them you will quickly learn that lots of (AA) and AAA batteries will be required. This dual RC set up will need a total of 10 AA batteries, which are not included. So before you give your kids the box make sure you have plenty of batteries on hand. Not a pretty site if your kids open the box and they have to push the RC cars around manually and make there own noises. Especially when they hit the buttons and nothing happens. Most will cry, some will give you that look, like really, what’s wrong with this picture.

The nice thing about this package is each toy does operate with different frequencies so both can race together. So your kids can play together or with a friend. Now that they have a police car and the race car your kids can use there imagination and make some tracks. You can use items around the house to help set up the track with curves, turns and maybe some bumps. This will help your kids learn how to maneuver there cars with the remote building on there hand and eye coordination skills.

I always like to have a camera handy to take pictures and videos for keeping those memories around for years to come. With technology today downloading these precious memories and being able to share with family members and friends is pretty simple.


Here are Some Specifics About This Item

R/C Police Car and Race Car – Toys for Kids

R/C Police Car and Race Car - Toys for Kids
Prextex RC Toys

The Pretex cartoon RC vehicles are a perfect introduction of RC toys for your kids. They have a realistic Police siren sound, Honking sounds, Music and flashing lights. This package includes two RC vehicles, 1 police car with a removable police man figure and 1 racing car with its race car driver figurine. They each come with a remote control. Vehicles also have different frequencies so the two vehicles can be played separately or at the same time. Each vehicle needs 3 AA batteries and each remote needs 2 AA batteries. Total batteries needed to operate both RC vehicles and remotes is 10 AA batteries. Naturally these batteries are not included. They can easily be picked up in most convienent stores.


Let’s Look at a Few Reviews

R/C Police Car and Race Car – Toys for Kids

Here is what some customers are saying concerning this Pretex RC combo toys for kids.

5 out of 5. Toys are fun and durable. These are wonderful and durable. My grand kids 2 and 3 play with them a lot. They love them and they withstand falls and crashes. Defiantly worth the money.

5 out of 5. Great fun. Bought for my 2 yr old grandson. Perfect because the wheels turn when the back switch is pushed so that the car returns to the one using the remote control. The car doesn’t shoot off and get lost. It returns to the user. He loves it.

5 out of 5. Fun even on carpet. Got this for 3 yr old grandsons’ birthday and he loved them as did the adults. The best thing about them is they run great on carpet.

4 out of 5. Easy to operate, needs 10 AA batteries. Bought this for my daughters 4th birthday. Easy for her to handle. Excellent range, she can operate the cars from around corners and over 20 feet away. Each car makes different noises and plays a non-annoying little song. The little drivers can come out of there cars. However, on the box it says each car has two drivers. This is not true. There are two drivers total. I think this is a misprint, not a false promise, though I don’t really care too much, hence the 4 stars, but just something to keep in mind. 2 drivers, 2 cars, 2 remote controls. Also, you’ll need 10 AA batteries to operate both cars and remotes (not included).

2 out of 5. Not great. I wouldn’t buy these again. You need to be within 2 meters of the car otherwise the remote stops working. The remote will also lose connection if anything gets between the remote and the car or if you aren’t pointing it directly at the car. The buttons on the remote only provide the option to go straight or backwards while turning, you cannot turn the car while it moves forward.

4 out of 5. Toddlers won’t get enough of this toy, its fun for adults with as well. There was nothing I did not love about this toy other than all the batteries it needs…each one takes AA batteries which you will have to buy separate. Other than that this is so cute and fun the toddlers will love it. I bought this for my nephews 3rd birthday and he absolutely loves it. Its easy to use and the more they play with it the more they understand how to control the cars movement as well.

5 out of 5. Great on multiple surfaces. This pack has 2 types of cars in it, one is a race car driver the other is a cop. They each make there own sounds that matches the car. The police makes a siren sound, while the race car makes a sound that revs the engine. Each car also includes 2 people for each car which is great because kids like to lose figures like that, or at least my kid does. When you put the figure in the car it also makes a noise. So there are buttons that make noise. On the top there is a button, on the hood is a button and when you install the figurine, these all make different noises.

On the remote there are two buttons one goes forward, straight and the other goes backwards but curves a little so its like a turn while going backwards. I love that both these toys work great on both carpet and tile. My daughters last remote control toy did not work on carpet so she could not use it because our whole house is mainly carpet, so this car is a win for us because of that. Overall, I really love this toy and it is what is expected for a young child who is learning how to control a remote control car.

Some Safety Concerns

Although the manufacture recommended age is 18 months and up you will want to be very cautious due to the possible choke hazards from the figurines that come with this toy. They are small and can fit into your toddlers mouth. So be very cautious of this. If you as a parent do not feel comfortable purchasing this RC toy for your toddler due to this reason then please do not buy.

Mfg Recommended age – 18 MONTHS AND UP.

The manufacture recommended age may be 18 months but the box clearly states 3 yrs old and up.

CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Some reviews I found did mention they purchased this item for there 2 yr old grand kids so it may be a toy that smaller kids can enjoy. I would just simply use a lot of caution and make the decision that best feels safe to you.

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For the most part I would say that this is a very fun RC toy combination pack that your kids will enjoy. Because of the possible choke hazard due to the figurine I would recommend this item for your children ages 3 and up. Some people might go with the idea of removing the figurines but that would also eliminate some sounds. What kid wants that. Its like buying a car with a donut size spare tire.

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