TRAXXAS HOSS – Extreme Monster Truck Fun

Another impressive build by Traxxas. For the RC enthusiast who loves to rip through any terrain mother nature has to offer then you will want this one in your arsenal. It’s the Traxxas Hoss built for extreme monster truck fun.

Traxxas 90076-4-GRN Hoss 4X4 VXL: 1/10 Scale Monster Truck

TRAXXAS HOSS – Extreme Monster Truck Fun

TRAXXAS HOSS - Extreme Monster Truck Fun
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Why does Traxxas keep building some of the best RC 4×4 monster trucks. Because they know how to give us, the RC enthusiast what we want at an affordable hobbiest price. Traxxas keeps up with their name for innovation and listening to their customers request. Is it possible to drop this monster truck with a parachute from an airplane at 20 thousand feet into a field of trees and expect it to perform like an armored tank, no. Or how about we drop it into the ocean and drive it to the nearest shore, will it perform like an amphibious submarine, no. The cost would be to far out of our reach for such an RC vehicle. Key word here is hobbyist. RC vehicles for having fun and enjoying some outside activities with family and friends. Not designed for billionaires who want to travel to the moon.

TRAXXAS HOSS - Extreme Monster Truck Fun
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Out the Box Product Description

TRAXXAS HOSS – Extreme Monster Truck Fun

The Traxxas Hoss 4X4 VXL comes as an RTR in a box. This is what comes from the factory without any modifications.

The newest Traxxas Hoss 4X4 VXL unleashes some extreme monster truck fun with speed and style that Traxxas is known to deliver. You will grab a fistful of throttle and the Velineon 540XL motor delivers massive torque for wheelies on command and can hold the front end high as long as you dare. Pitch the Hoss into a turn and slide through sideways in a cloud of dirt as all four tires dig in and drive hard no matter how rough the terrain. Traxxas stability management system will keep you in control to help avoid flipping over.

TRAXXAS HOSS - Extreme Monster Truck Fun
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Traxxas Hoss comes with a rugged, reinforced pickup body that covers proven performance technology, with Velineon brushless horsepower and heavy-duty shaft driven 4WC.

The Hoss delivers unmatched versatility as the aggressive Sledgehammer tires enable you to blast through dirt, sand, mud and snow. Thank you mother nature for providing some natural obstacles for us to enjoy.

Traxxas durability is engineered into every component so you can drive faster, harder and hang tougher.

The Traxxas Hoss also comes in two colors, Green and Orange.

How fast does the Traxxas Hoss go. Out of the box it can reach speeds of 40mph.

TRAXXAS HOSS - Extreme Monster Truck Fun
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Coming at Ya


Making Some Modifications

TRAXXAS HOSS – Extreme Monster Truck Fun

If your completely stoked with the performance of the Traxxas Hoss out of the box then Traxxas has designed another 4X4 monster truck that meets it’s customers desires. However, if you feel the need to add some extra strength and durability to your model then Traxxas has made these provisions possible. Here are a few to look at. Naturally these modifications depend on your driving style and budget. You can add these modifications before they bend or break or upgrade once the part does bend or break. Again this depends on your driving style. Me personally, I like to drive full throttle until the battery dies. In my case stronger and more durable parts become necessary.

For some RC enthusiast they can’t help but leave perfection alone or resist modifying every model they get their hands on. Thankfully Traxxas understands the way some of these enthusiasts think so they provide these upgrade parts for most of their vehicles. Which is the case for the Traxxas Hoss 4X4 VXL.

TRAXXAS HOSS - Extreme Monster Truck Fun
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Some of these upgrade parts are meant to increase durability, enhance suspension or steering performance while some are meant to amp up power to monstrous heights. Who wants more power, we all do. Well maybe not all of us.

Here is a list of upgrade parts you may be interested in.

P/N 2250 – High Torque 330 Blue Servo

P/N 3456 – Cooling Fan Kit (with shroud)

P/N 6781 – Housing Center Differential (aluminum)

P/N 3458 – Heat Sink

P/N 9052x – Driveshafts, Rear Steel-Spline Constant Velocity x2

P/N 9051x – Driveshafts Front Steel Spine Constant Velocity x2

P/N 6497 – 26-T Pinion Set Screw

P/N 3655t – Heavy Duty Suspension Arms

P/N 6832x – Caster Blocks (c-hubs), 6061-T6 Aluminum Blue Anodized, L&R

P/N 6845a – Drag Link Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Blue Anodized

P/N 1952x – Carriers Stub Axle Blue Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum Rear x2

P/N 3767a – Shock Caps Aluminum Blue Anodized x4

P/N 6739x – Shock Tower Front 7075-T6 Aluminum Blue Anodized

P/N 6738x – Shock Tower Rear 7075-T6 Aluminum Blue Anodized

P/N 1747r – Nuts Aluminum Flanged Serrated 4mm Blue Anodized x4

P/N 9095 – Hoss 4X4 LED Light Kit

P/N 6511 – Traxxas Link Wireless Module

P/N 5039 – Oil Differential 500k wt

Remember these upgrades all depend on your style of driving and your budget. Some of these upgrades will extend your driving life for this model so you can drive pretty much year around.

Here are a Few Reviews From Customers

One question that was asked. What’s the Traxxas Hoss top speed in mph? According to the manufacturer, this truck is capable of up to 60+ mph.

This thing is nearly indestructible. On 3s it’s a beast, will even outrun drag cars and still can take a 50 feet jump no problem…highly recommended… I know the price is a little high, but as the old saying goes”you get what you pay for”.

I consider this to be Traxxas version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The Trackhawk is an SUV with 707 horsepower which makes it extremely fast and terrifying to drive. The Hoss is similar it has a lot of torque and power. I leave it in training mode for when I want to have fun and put it in Sport/regular mode when I want to show it off. If you buy it you will have a lot of fun but if you are a beginner put it in training mode. It truly is a monster.

I love this truck. Great truck Traxxas is awesome. Just prepare to get a better servo immediately.

I like the Hoss, sure it’s a bigger supped up Rustler but that’s OK. I would suggest upgrading servo to metal gear and maybe the GTR shocks.

Good service. The website is easy to navigate and got the product a few days late. However, be ready to have to replace the servo after a few times using it.

Lots of power and easy to set up. Very satisfied with the price and value.

By far this is the VOLTRON of Traxxas trucks, stadium, short course, monster trucks combined into 1 monster truck. This truck is Monsterious for it’s size and speed. This trucks durability is excellent and is worth the investment.

Good truck, should have some basic upgrades at this price. It should ship with steel axles. I have snapped 2 in a week. I’ve also bent several other parts. The shock tower lost part of the bottom holder on the front. But I did take some hard landings. Its been a lot of fun but be ready to spend another $100 on upgrades out of the box to keep going. Update 2/9, just shy of a month of owning. Go to the Maxx or another brand unless you’re ready to spend the money to upgrade. Shocks, Drive splines, Axles, Hex nuts and shocks. I have driven the car 5-7 times in total, including 5-10 minutes in the back yard and at the office. I lost shock plates, drive axle snapped, hexes stripped. All with normal use. Wishing I went with the MAXX or another brand, very disappointed in all the down time. The vehicle cost for me is around $900 now including charger and batteries and replacement parts to keep it running.

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As you can read about there are some customers who recommend a few upgrades. Some reasons for the upgrade depends on your driving style. At this stage in your RC driving life you will know your style and will be able to figure out which upgrades will meet your specific style. When we drive RC vehicles that are capable of speeds of 40mph and faster they are all going to bend and break. Your options are simply to drive slower or know that you will need to purchase some parts that are stronger and more durable as we drive at speeds faster than we can run.


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