Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?

What categories of RC cars are there. Ever wonder about the different types of RC vehicles out there and what makes them different. We will be looking at six of them.

Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?

As you dig into your search for the type of RC vehicle that best meets your needs you discover there are several to choose from. Most RC cars fall into one of these broad categories.

On Road Cars

Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?

These vehicles were basically designed to be driven on smooth surfaces such as concrete driveways, asphalt roads or parking lots. Most of these designs resemble the look of a full size car but on a much smaller scale. These vehicles also offer the fastest acceleration and top speeds. Depending on your budget these vehicles can now get up to speeds of between 70mph and 120mph. That’s exceptionally fast concerning the size and weight of these RC vehicles. With a vehicle capable of reaching these speeds you will want to do your best to avoid bumps, dips and Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?patches in the road. If they can not be avoided I am sure replacement parts are available. Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?

Off Road Cars

Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?

Naturally by the name alone these vehicles were designed for surfaces that are not necessarily flat like pavement. You can drive them easily on the grass, through dirt, mud, gravel and other off-road terrains. These vehicles come in all types, sizes and styles. I like the buggy style for their ability in climbing hills, and driving outdoors through all the different terrains mother nature has to offer, especially ones that are 4WD.

These are good styles for beginners. They come in all the sizes offered in the RC hobby and offer some best selections that will meet all your first RC driving experience. Another plus is that these vehicles are designed to be more durable than the on road versions. Climbing over rocks, dirt, going through puddles and tumbling down a hill then yes they definitely need to be more durable. Some brands can reach speeds of between 50mph and 70mph, but most will get between 25mph and 40mph depending on your preference. Some models have their design set up to give you options to make some upgrades which will increase speed and performance. Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?

Ready To Run Cars

Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?

Most brands build RC vehicles that provide everything you will need to drive them with all necessary items inside the box to drive them as soon as you charge up the provided battery. The ones that don’t are mentioned below in the kit version. These RTR advertised RC vehicles will come with the RC car, all the electronics already installed on the vehicle, the standard radio control for operating the vehicle, the battery and charger that will need to be charged once you get it out of the box. Not all RTR models come with the battery and charger as they give you options as to which ones you prefer depending on how much speed you want and performance.

One other thing that is in the box is a manual. Most will come with the manual but if not you should be able to go to that brands website and download their manual in a PDF form. I know the brand Redcat has their manuals available for PDF download. Manuals are worth reading as they will explain what types of obstacles to avoid and what parts of the vehicle are not waterproof. I have learned that even wet sand while driving near a beach will kill some of your electronics. The car is basically dead at this point and you will need to order a replacement part. This takes time and completely shuts down your driving experience. What makes it worse is when your on a family vacation and you are hours away from home. Total bummer, so it is wise to read the manual and avoid these accidents. Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?


Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?

With this category of RC vehicles you will need to purchase several components to complete the RC vehicle. This category the user will need to provide some radio gear, electronics and drive systems. This category is best left for more experienced drivers who have taken it to the level of knowing what specific system you want to build and put together yourself.

This category actually is referred to as Roller and or Race Roller. In the context of RC cars, what this basically means is that the vehicle comes without a motor/engine, electronics such as the ESC, receiver and servos. Race Rollers on the other hand are similar without the essentials but are race ready and have race ready modification options left for the owner to decide. As you look for roller models on the used market you will discover that many owners are not willing to part with their favorite engine or radio system.

Roller versions allow you to use the maximum customization of vital parts in building an RC car to your specifications which could also give you some cost savings as you will not need to purchase what you do not want or need. You basically build an RC from scratch according to your specifications. Which is why this category is best left to an RC hobbyist with lots of experience.

Kit Cars

Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?

Purchasing a kit car will give you firsthand knowledge in how an RC car is built. With this category you will need to purchase other parts in order to complete the build. These build it yourself kits do not include electronics. So you will need to purchase them separately. The parts that do come in the kit you will have to put them together using your own tools oil and grease that is needed in the assembly. The cool thing about building your kit you will learn what it takes in assembling the front and back suspension. You will be building each component from the transmission to the suspension. How all the parts fit together and make that part of the vehicle function properly. This gives you excellent knowledge in knowing how to take a part your vehicle when the time comes and you need to replace a part.

Having this knowledge will help you with your decisions for future upgrades, maintenance and repairs. You can do it yourself and save cost in having too pay your local hobby shop to do it. These kit cars come with instructions and manuals so putting the vehicle together is made as simple as possible. This could also open the door for a position to do maintenance work on vehicles who need to bring their broken RC vehicle to a hobby shop for repairs.

Toy Cars

Which Categories of RC Cars are Available?

This category of RC vehicles is the lowest cost cars, do not offer a lot of speed, power or precision as hobby cars. They lack durability and will not last as long as hobby grade. This is why they are called toys. Their purpose is to simply introduce your younger children to the RC hobby at a very reasonable price. This way you find out if your children are or are not really interested in pursuing RC’s long term at a more enjoyable level.

There is one brand I recommend for starting younger children out in the RC sport. It is the brand WLtoys. This brand has lots of choices to select from that are fairly durable and affordable.

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Getting started in the RC sport can sometimes be a little intimidating as you do your research. In the long run it is a very enjoyable hobby that all ages can participate in. The nice thing is a lot of these vehicles are 10 times more fun to drive outdoors. For the younger ones it will help develop eye and hand coordination. There are also several RC toys like cranes and other construction vehicles. They are all very fun vehicles for playing outside and inside on rainy days. The industry has changed tremendously over the years. This has truly become a fun hobby for all ages at all levels. Enjoy your future adventures.

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