Its time to start thinking about those Christmas deals. If you are into outdoor RC fun then check out the deals Redcat is offering this Christmas.

Christmas 2022 Savings

Each year Redcat offers black Friday deals along with Christmas shopping savings. One way to save is through their Redcat rewards points program. For every purchase you get points that turn into savings for any future purchases. Christmas is one of the best times to get that specific RC car you have wanted for a fraction of the price. Me personally I have the Redcat 1/5th scale gas powered Chimera in my sights. Rampage Chimera RC Sand Rail - 1:5 Scale Gas Powered

As you look through you are options of unbelievable outdoor terrain RC vehicles I am sure you will find at least one that catches you are eye. This Christmas will defiantly be the right time to make that purchase and start you are new year off enjoying some memorable moments. To check out what Redcat is offering this year simple click on any of the pictures provided. This will take you to the Redcat site so you can take a look at you are options and savings.

Outdoor RC Mudding

Me and my son have enjoyed driving RC vehicles for the past couple of decades. We have driven all makes and models over the years and I can honestly say there has never been a bad day, except when they break and you have to wait for replacement parts. When they arrive on you are door step the RC vehicle is repaired in a flash and out we go again.

We love driving over all types of terrain. While driving outside mother nature can provide some of the best obstacles. My problem is I like to drive fast and stay away from the breaks. How needs breaks and why were they installed in the first place. That’s my opinion anyway. I might want to try using them sometime in the future. It would probably prevent some of my crashes. REDCAT RC Christmas Deals 2022

The first time we drove our RC cars on a track it was hilarious. I stunk, I jumped over the roll guard just about on every turn. Something to do with my need to speed maybe. We had an absolute blast.

We have had RC vehicles that are designed to drive through dirt, sand, mud puddles, rain puddles, rocks and sticks. Jumping over obstacles is always a blast as well. Just be mindful of the vehicle you’re driving and try to steer clear of solid objects. You know like trees, boulders, concrete curbs, hitting these type of obstacles will put you are RC out of commission. Again waiting on more replacement parts. The good thing is Redcat has plenty of spare replacement parts available.

What Type of RC Vehicle Do You Prefer

REDCAT RC Christmas Deals 2022

Redcat offers quite the variety. There are crawlers and trail trucks, on road and drift, short course and truggy, hopping lowriders and my favorite the buggy style. They come in the most popular scale which is 1/10th and have plenty of the other scales depending on you are skill level. We have driven mostly 1/10th, a few 1/5th and several of the smaller models Redcat RC Vehicle Brand - Making an Educated Choice especially when my son was younger. We drove them all over the house, racing, bouncing off the washer and dryer, ooopppsss sorry mom. LOL No matter you are skill level once you get started you will not want to ever give the Hobby up.

Lets get Started

Christmas is soon arriving. Go take a look at what Redcat has to offer and start making you are plans on which RC vehicle you would like to give as one of the best Christmas gifts you will possibly purchase this year.

REDCAT RC Christmas Deals 2022
How Low Can You Go.

Even if you are just getting started now is the perfect time to purchase the RC vehicle of you are choice and get the holiday savings.

So take a closer look at what Redcat is offering this year with the 2022 Christmas savings. Click on any of the pictures and start you are savings journey.

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Driving RC vehicles has been an absolute wonderful experience with my son now for the past several years. I think we will be driving them together until I can no longer operate the controller. The RC hobby industry has certainly changed since buying my first flying plane from the local hobby store back in the day. It came on a long string and you flew it in circles. Now days the experience is a lot better. redcat gen8 v2 rc rock crawler - harvester scout ii

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