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REDCAT 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo Lowrider

The 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo is a classic American car known for its stylish design and popular among car enthusiasts, including those in the lowrider community. The Monte Carlo from that era had a unique look and was often customized to suit individual preferences.

Upgrades That are Offered with This RC

Here is some general information on common upgrades that are often available for remote-controlled (RC) cars, including the possibility of upgrading an RC car to resemble a 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo lowrider. Redcat Racing

It’s important to note that the availability and compatibility of these upgrades may vary depending on the specific RC car model you have or plan to purchase. I recommend checking with Redcat racing website and other RC car hobby shops, online retailers, or forums dedicated to RC car enthusiasts for more specific information and available options.

  • Suspension: Lowriders typically have a hydraulic or air suspension system installed. This allows the driver to adjust the height of the car, making it possible to raise or lower the vehicle at will.
  • Body Modifications: Custom bodywork is often performed to give the Monte Carlo a unique appearance. This can include features such as custom paint jobs, pin striping, chrome accents, and aftermarket body kits.
  • Wheels and Tires: Lowrider enthusiasts often choose large, flashy wheels with wire spokes or chrome rims. Wide whitewall tires or low-profile tires are commonly used to complete the look.
  • Interior: The interior of a lowrider may feature customized upholstery, such as plush velvet or leather, often in vibrant colors. Other additions can include custom audio systems, hydraulics switches, and decorative elements like chrome accents.
  • Engine: While the focus of low riders is primarily on the aesthetic modifications, some owners also choose to enhance the engine performance. This can involve engine upgrades, aftermarket exhaust systems, and other modifications to increase horsepower and torque.
  • Body Shell: Depending on the manufacturer, you might find RC car body shells modeled after different vehicles, including classic cars like the 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo. These body shells can be purchased separately and are designed to fit specific RC car chassis.
  • Suspension: Upgrading the suspension system of an RC car is a popular modification. This can involve installing adjustable shocks, springs, or even a hydraulic suspension system to simulate the lowrider look and feel.
  • Wheels and Tires: Upgrading the wheels and tires can significantly enhance the appearance and performance of an RC car. You may find aftermarket wheels with different styles and finishes, and tires with various treads designed for different surfaces and traction needs.
  • Lighting: Adding LED lights to an RC car can improve its visibility during low-light conditions and enhance its overall look. You can find lighting kits specifically designed for RC cars that offer various colors and effects.
  • Performance Upgrades: Depending on the specific RC car model, there may be various performance upgrades available, such as upgraded motors, electronic speed controllers (ESCs), batteries, and even brushless conversion kits. These upgrades can provide more power, speed, and control.
  • Body Detailing: Adding additional details to the RC car’s body can help recreate the lowrider appearance. This may include custom paint jobs, decals, chrome accents, or even additional body accessories like mirrors, antennas, or exhaust pipes.
  • Interior Detailing: While most RC cars don’t have an interior, you can customize the inside of the body shell to mimic the look of a real car’s interior. This could involve adding seats, a dashboard, or other interior elements using lightweight materials.

If you’re Specifically Interested in a Lowrider Version of the 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo

It’s important to note that low riders are highly customized vehicles with specific modifications aimed at creating a distinct aesthetic and enhancing performance. Some common modifications made to low riders include:

Creating a lowrider Monte Carlo is a labor-intensive process that often requires the expertise of professional customizes. It’s important to research and consult with experienced builders or mechanics who specialize in lowrider modifications to achieve the desired result.

Keep in mind that the customization options for a lowrider are virtually endless, and each build reflects the individual style and taste of the owner.

Although the 30-day sale has ended

year for Redcat they are still one of the leading RC manufactures in the market. You can still take advantage of their reward’s points that are given for each purchase. Be on the lookout for their special sales event that have taken place in the month of June the last two years.

Here is a breakdown of how their point system works.

Redcat Rewards members will start in the tier named Lynx.

· LYNX members will receive 5 points per $1.00 spent. Members will remain in the Lynx tier as long as they complete 1 transaction per year. Purchase $1000 or more in a twelve-month period will qualify you for the next reward’s tier, which is Leopard.

· LEOPARD members will receive 7 points per $1.00 spent. Members will remain in the Leopard tier as long as they complete at least 1 transaction per year. Purchase $3,000 or more, while in the Leopard tier will qualify you for the next reward’s tier, which is Lion.

· LION member will receive 10 points per $1.00 spent. Members will remain in the Lion tier as long as they complete at least 1 transaction per year.

What can I use my point on?

Earned points can be converted into reward vouchers, such as $5.00 – $25.00 off vouchers or FREE products. You can convert points into reward’s vouchers on the Redcat reward’s page.

How do I use my points?

Points can be converted into reward vouchers and these reward vouchers can then be redeemed during checkout, either by using the point’s slider or entering a reward’s voucher code in the gift card or discount code box.

Do points expire?

Earned points will expire 12 months after your last order.

Can I enroll in the Redcat Rewards program if I do not live the Unites States?

At this time, only orders shipping to a USA destination are eligible for the Redcat Rewards Program.

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