RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started

As you venture into the world of remote control vehicles you will find a lot of different types being offered as RTR. These will be RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started. RTR simply means that the RC vehicle comes ready to run out the box. All you will need to do is charge the battery. Everything you need to drive the RC is in the box. There is no need to purchase anything else. Let’s take a look at some RTR’s that are offered today for beginners as well as the more experienced.

Types of RTR’s

RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started

Here are a few of the different types of RTR’s. Ready To Run.

Ones you can find for around $100.00 or less.

1/10 Granite Voltage 2/WD Brushed Mega Monster Truck, 1/32 NanoSport 2/WD On Road, 1/24 Enduro24 Sendero Trail Truck, 1/28 TR28 2/WD Brushed Truggy, 1/28 SC28 2/WD SCT Brushed, 1/18 Torment 4/WD Short Course Truck, 1/18 RucKus 4/WD Monster Truck and the 1/18 Volcano V2 4/WD Monster Truck Brushed.

RC Cars RTR Ready To Run - Getting Started
RTR Granite Voltage

Here are a few of the more expensive models but are still RTR’s.

1/10 22S 2/WD SCT Brushed, 1/10 Thunder Drift 4/WD Brushed, 1/10 RucKus 2/WD Monster Truck, 1/10 AMP DB 2/WD Desert Buggy, 1/10 Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck, 1/10 Losi Tenacity DB Pro 4/WD Desert Buggy Brushless, 1/10 Arrma Granite 4×4 V3 Mega 550 Brushed Monster Truck, Traxxas E-Revo VXL 2.0 4/WD Brushless Monster Truck.  RC Cars RTR Ready To Run - Getting Started

As you continue your research you will find there are many models, types, styles, brands and price ranges for beginners to the more advanced drivers. This Hobby has grown to meet the desires and goals for all RC enthusiast no matter what your level of experience is. There is an RC for every age group and budget for anyone interested in getting involved with this sport.

I would love to have one of everything with a track built in my own backyard for all types and models but I like many others do not have those types of disposable funds available. I do believe I will always be involved with this sport for the rest of my life. I must admit my favorite style is the desert buggy because I like being able to drive over most obstacles with fewer breakdowns. My biggest obstacles seem to be made of concrete. There goes my front end again, crap, off to the local Thrift or Hobby store for some replacement parts.  RC Cars RTR Ready To Run - Getting Started


Maintenance on Your RTR

RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started

Normal maintenance on your RC car will include cleaning and tighting of loose screws.

Requires proper and regular maintenance after each run. You will need to clean the car after running it. To remove dust use a small compressor to blow out the loose dirt especially around the bearings. If, a compressor is not available use a soft brush like an old toothbrush. The dirt and dust make the bearings wear out faster. Clean the areas around the bearings extra carefully. To grease the bearings just use a couple drops of oil. Especially the outer bearings as they are prone to wear out faster. Once you have cleaned the car check for screws that may be loose. Moderate tightening is sufficient with the proper tool.

Cleaning and Storing your RTR

RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started

When cleaning your RTR as mentioned above first remove loose dirt and dust. Once you have used this method you may wipe the remaining debris off the RC car by simply using a damp cloth and simply let air dry. For the body of the car, once removed you may use a sponge to get a better cleaning if needed. Do not use this method around electrical components. This will cause a shortage in these parts and will then need to be replaced.

Once your RC has had the proper maintenance and cleaning it is time to store it until the next use. Once, the car is completely dry you may store it in a clean dry area. Like under your bed if mom allows. Or in your closet on top of the box it came in or simply store it in your closet in the box it came in. Or store it in your families garage on a shelf.

Where, to Find Your RTR

RC Cars RTR Ready To Run – Getting Started

There are several places to purchase your RTR. You can find them in Thrift stores, slightly used or a good spot to look for spare parts. They are found in stores like Target, Walmart, Toys are Us-if they still exist in your location and most often on the internet such as this website. Question is which sites provide good customer service, shipping, return policy and hassle free purchase for the right price that’s within your budget. I personally like doing business with vendors who offer excellent customer service even if they may not be the least expensive on the market. I prefer to work with vendors that take care of their customer’s even if its purchased online.

“When you click on a link in this article, I may make a commission. This in no way affects the price of your purchase nor does it affect my review.”

Getting Started

Now its time to get started. You have done your research, decided which RTR to purchase, found the RTR that you want to purchase and where from. You have made the purchase and are now waiting for the package to arrive. You come home and find the package on your front door step. You take it inside, open it and remove the RTR. Everything is ready you just need to charge up the battery. The battery is charged, installed and off you go to make your new memories driving through the natural terrain that mother nature has to offer. You even use your imagination to add some jumps and obstacles to drive through or up and over. You bring it inside for inspection and cleaning and mild maintenance and prepare for the next adventure. While, waiting, you think up some new ideas you have that you want to try on future runs.

Don’t forget your camera to take photos and videos so you can enjoy the memories for the rest of your life. Amazing jumps, flips, rolls and oops something broke, how do we fix it. Some good places to look for replacement parts is a thrift store or your local Hobby shop.

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